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Casio - EX-S880 digital camera

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What's not to love?


This is the best... I use it almost everyday.  I like to catch my friends 'in the moment' and keep every single picture... maybe one day I will organize lol  I got it when it first came out in this amazing cool burnt orange color and everyone who sees it stops me and LOVES my camera.  easy to use, always great pictures ( it helps that I'm a great photographer, lol)  you must have this or any of the elixims - they are the best!!


Chicago, IL


Love This Exilim Camera!


The Casio Exilim EX-S880, I love this camera! It takes beautiful pictures. It stops the blur of moving children and animals. I have gotten great shots of deer crossing my yard at dusk. The zoom brings them in almost close enough to touch. It recognizes family members in group shots, so they are always clear and in focus. I have gotten some pictures where everything else is moving and the main subject is clear and bright. Looks awesome!  It's small and compact, it fits in a pocket, in evening bags, tucks in side pockets of totes, very handy size. It charges up quickly and the battery, fully charged, lasts for 100's of pictures. I took this camera to a wedding and took over 500 pictures in six hours, before the battery started flashing low battery. The charger also allows you to view your pictures in a slide show. It has a nik-cad battery that I haven't had to replace yet. I have had it for about 14 months. I take alot of pictures, so I'm really impressed with the battery life.  


Middletown, PA


nice camera for the price


The casio is a sturdy little camera. Cute and a great size. Love teh big view finder in back. Easy to use and love teh color. Quality of pictures are average for this size and price point. It does the job for me. I would definately consider buying another Casio in the future. I love the charging dock! Saves so much on batteries. No need to buy batteries anymore. What can be better!? Just sits on my desk by my computer on the charging dock when I am not using it. The red (burgundy) with the silver is very stylish and sharp. I like the feel of the camera. Not flimsy and cheap but sturdy and easy to handle. It has  been dropped many times and still works. a few minor nicks and bruises, but hey it still works! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonable price digital camera without all the bells and whistles and wants to save on batteries! The charger is the best thing since sliced bread!


Mankato, MN


This is the best camera i've ever owned!


The Casio EX S880 digital camera is the absolute best camera i've ever owned!  It's super transportable, the screen is nice and big so we can view the pictures clearly, and it has so many different features to it that it's just unbeatable (in my opinion that is!)  All i can say is i absolutely love it!


Minneapolis, MN


this product has changed my life


my casio ex s880 digital camera works like a dream capturing all that is great. the pictures always come out clear and the camera is light weight and is beutiful.... the lcd screen is large and clear. this camera has worked wonders for me. i would never buy another brand camera other than this one ever again.... the creators are geiouses and i thank them all for creating this wonderfl camera.


San Andreas, CA


The Casio digital camera is Good, but not for the price i paid


The Casio digital camera was very good, but not for the amount of money i paid for it, i have found that Kodak is better worth their price. The camera works good but it needs a better zoom and could use a different button system. The camera is good for close us and needs more use for the zoom system. This is a good review so everyone should respond to it!


Moscow, PA


great for short movie clips!


This camera takes great pictures but the colors don't come out as great as the Canon cameras. I love this camera for the ease of shooting short video clips because it is so compact and the quality is actually great! The canon cameras tend to have streaks when shooting movie clips in the day time but this Casio camera doesn't. I HIghly recommend this camera for people on the go!


Stanton, CA


Great camera but mine won't charge anymore


I bought this camera a couple of years ago and I've carried it with me everywhere I go.  I love it because it's small and lightweight, but most of all, the pictures are awesome!  I'm not professional photographer, so the different photo setting options really help you choose which type of setting you need depending on light, distance, or the particular object you are taking a picture of.  I do have one complaint. I've had this camera for about two years and the last time I used it the battery went dead. Normally, one would put it back on the charging dock for a couple of hours but when I did that the camera seemed to overheat! Now I have to send it back to the company to get looked at.  We'll see how good the customer service is after this whole issue gets resolved.


Trenton, NJ


I feel like I am a real photographer


It is Fashion and compact and at the same time it  looks so sophisticated. All my friends and family loves it.This camera has pre programed scene settings so i can freeze images perfect anytime anywhere, this is one of the best features. I can record higher quality videos too. You should buy one.


Clementon, NJ


Casio Produces Another great hand held Digital Camera


On our recent vacation, we were finally able to get a lot of use out of our Casio EX-S880 Digital Camera.  A nice red colored camera that was a gift, it is extremely light-weight, easy to use, and produces a brilliantly vivid picture that will simply blow you away if you aren't ready for it.  Not only that, but the camera does most of the work for you, adjusting to light, taking into account shadows, and focusing on nearly anything you want in the potential photograph.  The auto tracking feature that the camera has will get everything in focus for you, and the embedded face recognition feature will assist you in picking someone out of the crowd of people on screen.  This is extremely great to have, because the camera can focus on a person, and even if they move while you are taking the picture, it will continue to focus to get the best possible picture before it actually commits.  That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this Casio though, as it has even more to offer than that. If you have flipped the camera around, the first thing that is really going to catch your eye is that the screen is so large.  With a camera that is only 3.72 inches wide, the LCD screen takes up 2.8 inches of that space.  So you can basically say, that the space allocated to all the bells and whistles on the back is well used, and there isn't any wasted area.  Next to that screen you also have your toggle controls, menu button, and the recording button for if you want to take advantage of the video-recording options on this little electronic devise.  Recording on the video mode, you get to take advantage of their MPEG-4 video compression, which gives you a really clear picture while removing any white noise during the playback, and couples that with a compatibility that works with nearly all file sharing programs.  That way once your recording is done, you have no problem taking it off the camera for playback on something like your computer or television. When the camera says that it is "8.1 Megapixels" that means that it can view 8.1 million pixels in high resolution, which gives you a very detailed photograph.  It's a high number for a camera of this size and price, and works towards providing larger photographs when you download them on to your computer.  Think of it as being the more pixels that you have, the better the picture is going to look when you blow it up in size.  Some cameras are good at 2 or 3 megapixels if you don't want it much larger than the view screen, but you want something like what this camera can provide if you want an extremely vivid presentation.  On the camera you have a zoom button (3X Optical) that lets you really get close to your subject through the lens, without having to get that close in person.  This zoom can be further amplified to a level of 12x on the highest resolution it offers.  Having the combination of a great zoom function and this many megapixels gives you a camera that will get the job done no matter what. This camera was really a great gift, and has performed perfectly since the day it was taken out of the box.  You get a cradle to charge it, a nice lithium rechargeable battery, the cables, adapters, power cords, and instructions on how to use it with the camera.  You will have to purchase a separate memory card to keep all of your pictures on, because the internal memory doesn't have enough space to really accommodate as many pictures as you will want to take with the camera.  There are just so many great things I can say about this camera from its crystal clear pictures and videos, to its quick shutter speed while taking a picture, to the face recognition capabilities and high level of zoom functionality.  Putting all of these features into one little camera that is easy to use, quite flashy with the nice red coloring, and simply a treat to take picture with ends up giving you a digital camera that will last for years.  Well worth the price it sells for at many electronics stores, this is one of the fanciest cameras I have used, and one product that Casio should be proud that they produced.  Recommended both for the person on the go, and the weekend adventurer.    


Spokane, WA


Casio - EX-S880 digital camera

4.5 10