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Case Logic WC300 Webcam

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The Notebook Friendly Webcam


When I wanted to start using Skype with my laptop and modified notebook I found out that there were only a handful of webcams that were compatible and that would work with the USB ports. Neither the laptop or notebook had a built in webcam so that wasn't an option in order to be able to use Skype or to use other video messenger services. Someone recommended the WC300 because of the price and that it is incredibly sturdy. I used this when I was out of the house and needed to have a mobile video connection and was extremely surprised that it connected easier than other webcams and rarely disconnected. I didn't have to install anything in order to be able to use it but I did have to allow some of the prompts to get it to make a connection. The video quality isn't exceptional but it is better than most of the webcams that I have owned in the past; in a couple of years it will be outdated technology but for the time being it is good enough for me to connect with my friends and to get the visual aspects of my work done.



Case Logic WC300 Webcam

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