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Carter's Snuggle Me Heart Boa Blanket

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Softest blanket ever!


I could say so many wonderful things about this blanket. Let's start with I love how gender neutral it is. I bought mine for my daughter. Her room is more pink and princess but It has an adorable pattern and it's so soft. I bought it more for comfort reasons. It keeps my daughter warm and keeps her all snuggled up. I can swaddle her so easy with this blanket. She doesn't get good sleep with out it. Now let me just say this blanket has been through hell. It's been pooped,peed,and puked on. It's been stepped on,pulled on, and drug in the dirt. It's been through the washer and dryer so many times and it is still bright colored,non stained, and no rips or tears. It it still so soft and its not any thinner. It Is not too heavy either. It has so much life still left in it. It'll probably last a good five years. It relatively cheap but definitely worth it. It's probably even worth more than I paid.



A baby must!


I received this item from an aunt at my sons baby shower. It was definitely one of the best gifts we received, because of how long we could use it. When he was first born we only used the swaddlers blankets on him except when going places, we would use a receiving blanket to tuck in around him and use this one to cover over his carseat as it was a long and thick blanket. As he got bigger and didn't want to be swaddled anymore this became his favorite blanket to lay down for naps with. He is now two and it is still his favorite one. He drags this thing around with him everywhere around the house and he likes to have it with him in the car during the winter months also. After these two years it has honestly held up great! It's still soft and fuzzy, and hasn't stretched out. It's also a great price for a baby blanket, I did have to buy a second so I could switch them out to wash the other.



Soft day 720 as it was day 1


Nice addition for a boy or girl nursery. I have owend this item since my son was born over 2 years ago and it is till the same color/size and shape as it was the day I purchased it. I highly recomment this blanket for any new parent or grandparent. The colors are great and do not fade. Perfect addition for a crib or stroller, something to have baby snuggle into. Easy to care for and not too pricey. Will last a life time if taken care of

Charlotte, NC


Carter's Snuggle Me Heart Boa Blanket

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