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Carters Elephant Parade Blue And Brown Cuddle Me Musical Swing

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The Cuddle Me Musical Swing is a solidly performing swing.


My wife and I have a baby that loves to be rocked and rolled. She likes to fall asleep while bouncing around the house in our arms, and this swing, while not perfect, does a good job at keeping her calm. It's fairly easy to get a baby into the safety belt and after that it's good to go. While the belt is easy to get on, the tray is another story. It doesn't stay put and almost always pops loose. Any average sized baby will easily pop it off. The swinging motion is good and starts rather quickly. There is a panel on one of the supports that is used to control the whole swing. The five speed settings seem good although we never use anything but the full setting. There are lots of sounds but the speaker quality is so-so and some of the 'nature' sounds end up being very similar. The music that's played is all very short loops and can get irritating very quickly. It keeps the baby entertained enough but can get on mom and dad's nerves. That said, we didn't buy the swing for the sounds. I wish it had an AC adapter, running on batteries only seems a little silly for a swing that is not very mobile. I don't see a reason they couldn't have included an option to plug it in.

Fredericksburg, VA


Carters Elephant Parade Blue And Brown Cuddle Me Musical Swing

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