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Mood Support, Herbal Energy Booster
Carter Reed Relacore Extra Dietary Supplement

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I'm taking Relacore Extra Dietary Supplement.


Recently, I purchased a bottle of Relacore Extra Dietary Supplement to try losing some of the pounds I've added during the winter. The reason I chose Relacore is because I have taken these supplements in the past and found I had lost some pounds when I went to my physician for my quarterly checkup. It has been a few years and I don't remember exactly how many pounds I lost, but they were worth taking the Relacore. The Relacore Supplement that I am now taking are considered to be "Extra Strength", so I hope this helps me too lose more weight. You only have to take (3) pills a day, in the morning with a full glass of water. The only thing I dislike is the size of these humongous pills that are hard to swallow. But at least I don't have to take one after every meal, because sometimes I skip meals or don't eat at designated times like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After only a few days, I can see and feel a difference in my metabolism. I appear to have more energy than before I started taking Relacore Extra Dietary Supplement. I would recommend this Dietary Supplement to anyone trying to lose pounds with little change to there eating habits and moderate exercise.




Neither good nor bad, it knocks me out so I stopped taking


I can't say whether it works or not. It makes me so very druggy that I need to nap, and it turns my urine a bright yellow. After only about a weeks' usage, I stopped using the product. It's the Carter Reed Company that put my product out. I'm not saying it's bad, but I might be extremely sensitive to it. Some of its' ingredients are in my daily multivitamin as well.


Pasadena, MD


Just started Relacore, so far so good!


I just started taking Relacore extra. The draw for me was the fact that it was a stress reducer/mood elevator, the fact that it also helps prevent stress-related abdominal fat was a plus for me. It really does curb my appetite and my mood is much better(just ask my hubby and kids)! currently I am 205lbs but because I stand at 5' 7'' most people don't believe me when I tell them. I'd like to be about 160-165lbs. I will be updating in the near future.


Columbus, OH


Relecore Extra enhhanced my weight loss in my stomach.


I've used relecore in the past with good results as far as lessing the belly bulge without diet and exercise.  I started an exercise and diet regimen and am working out twice a day for at least 45 minutes as well as following weight watchers diet.  After about 3 months I was losing weight but the bulge around my belly was not shrinking, so I added Relecore Extra to my regimen and I have lost 4 inches around my stomach in two weeks.  So yes to lose weight overall exercise and diet is necessary but to lose and flatten the tummy Relecore really works.


Mission Hills, CA


Doesn't do what it promises.


Relacore doesn't do what it promised.  Not only did it not increase my energy, it left me feeling tired until I quit taking it.  It might've helped a little bit with stress and anxiety.  Plus the catch at the bottom in tiny letters.  Use in conjunction with sensible diet and eerc ise program.  That alone will help you lose weight.


Portersville, PA


Carter Reed Relacore Extra Dietary Supplement

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