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Carrington Cornbread Stuffing

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Not what I expected


This dressing was not as tasty as I was expecting. We are used to having more sage flavor. For a ready made dressing it was passable.

Pensacola Fl


The best !!!!


Great!!! Makes cooking holidays so much easier and just as delicious 💕💕💓





I was kind of skeptical when I first bought this but wanted some type of dressing besides the usual quick to fix dressing. Boy was I surprised when I took my first bite. This tasted almost like the dressing my Grandmother made for many many years.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Carrington Cornbread stuffing is the best stuffing ever bought


CARRINGTON CORNBREAD STUFFING EXPERIENCE I am here to tell you that you can't find a better eating experience than to try Carrington Cornbread Stuffing.  A neighbor was invited to Thanksgiving last year, and voluntered to bring the stuffing.  Well, I had my misgivings, as to whether it would meet our high standards.  Not to worry,  much to everyones surprise, ( it was the best we had ever eaten).  I pulled her aside and asked her for the recipe.  At first she told me , its real easy, then she hem-hawed around, like she didn't want to give it to me.  But I kept after her ( like all good sneaky cooks), and she finally gave me her secret.  I JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE HER!!!!!  I made her (SHOW ME THE BOX)   I still can't believe the stuffing is so good, moist, favorable, and easy to prepare.  I am now wowing my friends by preparing the stuffing, and of course, putting it in a fancy dish, to serve.  I am sworn to secrecy.  Thank you for such a wonderful product, and keep on making it. Happy in Florida Ronnie Sanborn  

Starke, FL


The BEST!!!!!


This is by far the nearest I can possibly get to my mom's home-made dressing. I saute some additional and onions and also add some hard-boiled eggs (because my mom did) and this is fantastic.  But it is fabulous just the way it is.  I never have to worry about the dressing anymore during the holidays. This is worry free and so goooooood.    

Belmont, NC


Carrington Cornbread Stuffing

4.6 5