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Carpet Fresh
Carpet Fresh Carpet powder for floors

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BEWARE! Bad for animals!!


We bought this eleven years ago this to help freshen our carpets due to having two cats in the house. I wanted something to freshen them, or, if possible, neutralize the odors. I found this at the market and used it as directed in the living room. I made sure to vacuum it three times to get it all up after sprinkling it lightly around the room. I thought after I was done, wow, it really does help with odors. It had a slight fresh scent, sort of like when you pass the detergent aisle in the market, you will get a slight whiff of fragrance. But I wholeheartedly regret buying it and using it. I cannot prove that this is what killed my Shelby but my gut says it was the cause. Plus I found an article at my allergist's office that said to stay away from these types of carpet cleaners/powders as they irritate allergies further and cause respiratory problems or even infections. Apparently, no matter how well you vacuum it up, there are still some remnants left in the carpet and because cats are so low to the ground, they end up inhaling it. Shelby must have inhaled it too much and developed a respiratory infection from it. We took her to her regular vet and 2 ER vets and they all put her on breathing machines, etc. They could not do anything for her. She passed away 2 weeks later. We were totally devastated. I will never, ever, use another carpet powder again. My cats are like my kids and I will not use anything that could possibly harm them.


Sherman Oaks, CA


Does a Quick Job to Remove Odors


I had bought Carpet Fresh Carpet powder for the floors to remove some odors and to get the carpeting to smell fresh.  It's a good product and it has been around for years.  It's good to get a quick job done in removing odors, if you're going to have company over or getting ready to show a house, if you're selling it on the real estate market, but I wouldn't use it as your everday carpet powder on the carpeting, since the smell lasts a bit but I wouldn't consider this a long-term solution to getting your carpet clean or smelling fresh.  It does what it says it does and it lives up to the expectations that it was intended for, so realize that when purchasing it.  Don't think that it will keep the carpet fresh forever, but it's good for a quick fresh smell that does make the carpet smell fresh and gives the appearance to a clean carpet like as if it was freshly shampooed and cleaned by a professional.


Chicago, IL


Carpet Fresh does what the others cannot.


We have recently discovered Carpet Fresh since we got a new kitten. We have found their are a few new odors that come with animals and wanted to eliminate them. We have tried all sorts of products and brands, and nothing really quite seems to do anything about the carpet. We finally went up and bought a can of this. This is for spraying on after vacuming your rugs, not before like many of the powders that you leave on for a few minutes, then vacum right up afterwards, I could never understand what the sense in that was. This is a spraying foam, that after you have vacumed all rooms in your house, you go around and spray directly on the carpets, You can actually see it hitting the carpets and it stays about 30 seconds, then you see it no more, then your carpet will be damp for a minute or so, then it is like new, smelling fresh, and all the pet odors are gone. We always spray this after vacuming and especially before company, it gives that freshness smell you need to your home.


Lees Summit, MO


Carpet Fresh Carpet powder for floors

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