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Carpenter Peaceful Dreams Memory Foam Pillow

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Can't sleep without it!


I love this pillow. It goes everywhere with me. I honestly can't sleep without it. Sometimes my family steals it when I am away. If you have insomnia, you should definitely consider purchasing this product. I am very glad that I bought it. It was a great purchase.



Soft and provides good neck support


I love this pillow. It is just the right height. I have had problems for a while finding a pillow arrangement that works for me without straining my neck and back muscles, and this works very well. I found that regular pillows were too short or too tall if I had two, and they were not firm enough to support my head such that over the night, it would sink down and again strain my neck muscles! This pillow, however, is firm enough and at the right height that it holds my head out from my shoulders without bending my neck. Finally I don't wake up with shoulder and neck pain in the morning. The foam did have a slight rubbery, factory-type smell to it when I first opened it, but that dissipated after a couple of weeks out in the air. Another nice thing about it is that the foam does not register as much movement as regular pillows. It is not a huge pillow, but I have cats that sometimes like to come sleep next to my head, and when they pawed my old pillows, it would often wake me up. That doesn't happen so much with this pillow.



Peaceful Dreams for Some


My husband and I have used memory foam pillows for about eight years now. They are still like new and we just love them. When our son came home to visit before grad school we suggested he get memory foam pillows as well. We couldn't find the brand we had previously purchased so we bought two Carpenter Peaceful Dreams Memory Foam Pillows.Carpenter Peaceful Dreams Memory Foam Pillow has a memory foam outer layer that covers a Hypersoft center. The memory foam core is two inches thick and adjusts by easily folding in half for double thickness to "accommodate individual sleep preferences". The pillow is well made with a luxurious cotton cover with corded satin edges. Bottom Line:This American made memory foam pillow is a good value for someone who doesn't like a thick pillow. It is a traditionally shaped pillow (doesn't have the curve that some memory foam pillows have) so it fits better in a traditional pillow case. It is not a true memory foam pillow in the sense that it is not memory foam through and through. After a couple months of use the pillow has condensed some and we wonder how well it is going to hold up with longer use.

Northern, FL


Carpenter Peaceful Dreams Memory Foam Pillow

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