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Carol's Daughter
Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Conditioner

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Perfect for natural hair, especially locs


This shampoo leaves my locs squeaky clean! It smells really good and lathers up nicely. My roots are especially happy after a wash with the rosemary shampoo because it doesn't over dry them. It's a great clarifying shampoo to use in tandem with an apple cider vinegar cleanse (look up the proper recipe so you don't damage your hair). Effectiveness Love that squeaky clean feeling! Scent Lovely mint and botanical scent. Compliments my peppermint Castille soap.



Carol's Daughter rosemary mint conditioner


This is another winner. I wear my hair naturally curly. It tends to become a tangled mess when I wash it in the shower. I find using this Carol's Daughter product as a pre poo conditioner, works wonders. Before stepping into the shower, I separate my hair into maybe four sections, I then spritz each section of my hair with a spray bottle filled with water, and apply a quarter size amount of the Carol's daughter conditioner. I do a two-strand twist on each section and throw on a plastic cap. I leave the conditioner in my hair for at least an hour to give the conditioner time to do its thing, it really helps to keep my hair soft and easy to comb in the shower. In the shower is the only time that I will use a comb on my hair. This product smells pretty and the mint makes my scalps feel nice and it tingles because of the mint.

Clarksville, TN


Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Conditioner

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