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Carol's Daught
Carol's Daught rosemary mint herbal shampoo

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Leaves your scalp feeling fresh and clean


For years I have seen the name Carol's daughter.  I tried a few lip gloss products  and honestly have had the shampoo for a while.  I prefer not to do my hair at home but go to the salon so, the shampoo sat for some time.  After being laid off from my part-time job and needing to cut cost.  I decided to wash my hair at home.  Too out the shampoo which in the bottle does not look like something you want to use.  It looks thick and just not like your normal creme look and feel shampoo.  So I wet my hair and went to work it lathers well not too much but the tingling feeling it gives the scalp was wonderful. Like little fingers massaging the scalp.  I rinse and wanted to wash my hair again just to get that wonderful feeling. After drying my hair, I noticed that my hair was not as tangled as it normally was after washing and it left my hair smelling and feeling wonderful and this is without an additonal conditioner.  Love the product. 

Greensboro, NC


Carol"s Daughter Rosemary Mint herbal shampoo is excellent.


I have really dry,thick,coarse,curly hair. If there is a shampoo for dry hair that I haven't used I hope someone will clue me in on it.My hair is like a problem child set out to ruin my life.I am always on the lookout for good hair prouducts to make living with this head of hair more bearable.I had been hearing alot of good things about Carol's Daughter products and how great they are for dry hair.I couldn't find any of the products in stores and salons.I did however find alot of carol's Daughter product online.Based on what I saw online the products are ethnic hair care products.I also learned that the ingrediants are mostly natural but not entirely.I figured it was worth a try natural ingrediants couldnt really hurt my hair.I ordered a bottle and hoped for the best.I used the shampoo the day it arrived.What I noticed first was how thick this shampoo was.I thought the thickness may have been a problem when trying to lather it up but it was a big deal.This shampoo is excellent.It made my hair soft and shiny.My hair was more managable than it has been in years.I was able to comb threw my hair with ease.I like the way it makes my head tingle when i use it.I assume that is the mint at work.I give this shampoo 2 thumbs up.

West Union, OH


Carol's daughter rosemary mint herbal shampoo softens &smells gr


I no longer use chemical relaxers on my hair. In serarching for a product that was made for women with kinky curly hair, I discovered Carol's Daughter. What I like about her product line is that the shampoo is sulfate free. This agent is drying especially to black american hair. I like using products that contain natural ingredients. The shampoo along with her hair milk has now become a staple in my hair care regiment. The products are not available in retail establishments on the west coast so ordering online is necessary. The products are also a little on the pricey side but worth the extra cost.

Rohnert Park, CA


Carol's Daught rosemary mint herbal shampoo

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