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Carolina Treet
Carolina Treet Original Barbecue Sauce (for chicken mainly)

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Try an interesting chicken barbecue sauce - good all purpose.


I remember Carolina Treet Barbecue Sauce from when I was a kid. My mom would get this and barbecue chicken. She generally did this in the oven. Dad manned the grill, and he was more likely to cook beef - mostly hamburgers and steak. Carolina Treet is more like what I think of as our pork sauce. It is not tomato based like most sauces. It's got vinegar with spices which is what we usually use on pork here. This sauce is also good on pork, but it was made initially for chicken. The sauce started out at the beach here in North Carolina. It was in the early 1950s. A grocery cooked and sold chickens which I'm sure was quite novel at that time. Folks loved the chicken and started asking about the original sauce, so they bottled and sold that too as Carolina Treet Sauce. This is a thinner sauce than what you usually buy at the grocery. It is a little thicker than the traditional pork vinegar sacue. I can't really think of a good comparison. It really is unique. The flavor is very nice. It is a bit zesty but not overpowering. The company now makes a line of teas too. I've not had a chance to try those, but I'll look for them. Southern tea tends to be really great tea. I'm not sure where the Carolina Treet sauces and teas are sold. The area may be pretty limited. I'd have to look around I guess. You can, however, buy Carolina Treet online. The site is: http://www.carolinatreet.com/home.asp. If you're looking for something a little different, then give Carolina Treet a try. It's definately not your ordinary chicken barbecue sauce. And, it's good on other meats too. It's a blast from my past, and I like to pick some up now and then and serve up some meat with a different twist.

southern, NC


Carolina Treet Original Barbecue Sauce (for chicken mainly)

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