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Carmex Lip Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 15 Balm

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A Tube In Every Pocket!


I would not be without Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in the wintertime. Using this medicated lip balm has saved me from many, many instances of cracked and bleeding lips due to frigid dry air. I like the addition of SPF 15 sunscreen to the lip balm as well. My family skis and we all know how easily we end up with winter sunburns from light reflecting off snow powdered slopes. Protecting our lips from "snow burn" only makes sense. Carmex lip balms are a very affordable way to protect and prevent winter lip damage.


Cumberland, MD


my go to lip product


Being a man I am not a great coniseur of lip products, but I do know when I need some releif from dry chapped lips. Carmex lip balm has been my go to product for years. I keep some in my locker at work just in case. During the winter I like to keep some in my pocket. I love the cool tingly sensation this leaves on my lips. It is exilirating and I can get that immidiate soothing effect. I also think its great that this contains a sunscreen, it never hurts to have a little bit of extra protection from those evil rays. This balm is a little heavy but I like this as it adds to the protection. This is not a girly looking product either so you can carry this around if you are a man with out feeling like you traded relief for dignity.


Topton, NC


Carmex is the best chapstick!


I've always had lips that tend to be dry and chapped, and over the years I have tried many different kinds of lip balms.  I have tried medicated ones, Burt's bees ones, tinted ones, etc., but, I think that carmex works the best- it moisturizes and lasts- often if I apply it just once I am good for the day.  Some of the others have tended to wear off very quickly, and I have even had instances where I have felt that certain chapsticks have actually made my lips worse- once the chapstick wears off, they seem drier than ever and even crack and bleed when I use certain brands.  I like Burt's bees products in general, but I think that Carmex just does more for my lips.  Some people do not like Carmex because it is greasy/oily, and it is true that carmex is greasier than many other brands, but I think that's why it works; the only other thing that works almost as well is vaseline, and that's as greasy as it gets!  If you have chapped lips, try Carmex first- even over the medicated alternatives! 


San Antonio, TX


Your lips will thank-you for using Carmex Lip Balm


I will never use any other chapstick product other then Carmex moisurizing lip balm! Many different chapsticks i have tried they all left a wax type texture with an unpleasent taste on my lips.Not only did many chapsticks have the weird taste they also wouldnt help with the moisturizing feeling as promised.When i decided to give Carmex moisturizing lip balm a try i knew i finally found the best lip balm ever tried.It mousturizes so well and it lasts for a long time where i didnt have to keep re-applying it.The Carmex comes in a tube and a stick.Its very easy to apply and its not all sticky like most other lip balm.I love the soothing feeling it leaves on my lips and how it cures the cracks that come from being chapped.I would defantly reccomend this Carmex lip balm to anyone who experiences dry,chapped lips.It fits perfectly into a pocket or purse without it leaking every where.Its amazing how it doesnt melt if you accidently leave it in your jeans while being washed.


Lancaster, PA


Carmex is a must if you suffer from dry, cracked lips


I live in Ohio so my lips suffer through some harsh weather during the winter months. I have tried every brand of lip balm that I can find and I always go back to Carmex. Nothing works as well for me. Carmex even works better than the high end department store brands. When my lips are dry, chapped, cracked, or sore it's Carmex to the rescue. I also put Carmex on my cuticles or rub some into my hands if they're feeling extra dry in the winter and it works wonders! There are many uses for Carmex other than just using it on your lips. It's also great on elbows and knees. No other lip balm can whip my lips into shape faster than Carmex. It's my favorite brand of all time. I honestly have no idea how my lips would make it through our harsh winters without it. I keep Carmex in my purse, nightstand, bathroom, and even my desk at work. I always have several on hand to make sure it's handy at all times.


Canton, OH


Contains sunscreen but I don't find it moisturizing


When my daughter still lived at home with us, she always had a small tube of Carmex lip balm on hand.  I never cared much for it, and the Carmex tube of lip balm that I currently have I didn't buy for myself, it came in a gift bag with other items that I received at a training event. This tube looks like the typical lip balm tubes.  It is yellow with a red cap, and the product rolls up from the bottom.  When I roll it up and back down, I hear a clicking sound, which allows me to roll up just the right amount.  The balm itself has a light yellow tinge to it, and it's very thick and waxy feeling on the lips. I am not a big lover of lip balms that contain minty ingredients, nor do I really care for this Carmex lip balm due to the ingredients such as camphor and menthol.  I like these ingredients when I am applying a balm or liniment to my sore muscles, but I don't care for it on my lips.  The consistency of this product reminds me of the Chapstick products, it doesn't glide over the lips as easily as some brands, and it feels waxy while I am wearing it.  Being a lover of all things natural, I can't say that I am impressed with the first ingredient, which is petrolatum.  I really prefer not to use petrochemicals on my body.  Give me natural beeswax any day of the week and I am a happy camper. One good thing about the Carmex is that it does contain sunscreen, with a SPF of 15, so it will afford the lips some protection against the harmful rays of the sun.  The directions say to "apply liberally and evenly as often as necessary, and before exposure to the sun, wind or cold.  Reapply after swimming."  If I didn't have anything else on hand, I would surely use Carmex lip balm, but the fact is I have a wide variety of all natural lip balms, made by companies like Avalon Organics, Burt's Bees and others, so I feel (for me) there are better choices than the Carmex. 


Eagle River, AK


Carmex Lip Balm gives your lip a tingling sensation.


Carmex Lip Moisturizing lip balm with SPF 15 is for those who wish to protect their lips from the sun (those who burn easily) and at the same time wish to keep their lips from drying out. I have seen that they come in a few different flavors including mint, cherry, and strawberry. The skin easily absorbs carmex to protect the lips but should be applied as often as needed to keep the skin from chapping or getting burned. One fun sensation I enjoy from using Carmex Lip Balm is the tingling I get from  it after applying it to my lips. When I feel this sensation, I know for sure Carmex Lip Balm is doing its work of protecting my lips. It's small enough to fit anywhere to have it with you at all times whenever you feel you need to freshen up your lips. Just one point I do not suggest with Carmex is do not eat or drink soon after you have applied it. It has a taste that does not quite impress me and makes my tongue tingle if I accidentally run my lip over my mouth. Other than that I really enjoy using Carmex Lip Balm.


Hollywood, FL


Carmex Lip Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 15 Balm

4.6 7