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Carley's Clear and Smooth
Carley's Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment and Natural Soap

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Didn't Work For Me


I bought this product off of an eBay seller. As an adult, it's still very frustrating that I suffer from acne. So, I have literally bought hundreds of products over the years to treat it. For this reason, and the fact that both my sons have bad acne, I have spent a lot of money online and in stores trying to find the best product. My sons and I both tried this out for over a month, and it did nothing for us. Well, it dried out my youngest sons blackheads, and helped get rid of a few of those, but that was about it. I have acne all over my back, in little tiny bumps, and it didn't change. Both my sons still had blotchy acne all over their faces, until we bought another product that helped. I think these may help others, but it didn't help us. Effectiveness It wasn't effective, at least it didn't work on my acne. There may be others that find it beneficial, so I would recommend trying it just to see if it works for you. Ease of Application Easy to use, just like you would normally use bar soap. Convenience Easy and convenient. You can buy it as a bar, or in liquid form in a bottle. Side Effects It only seemed to dry out my skin, and nothing else. Immediacy Didn't see any results from using this product.



Carley's Clear and Smooth products works great on my skin


It's been 2 years now that I am using these products. My skin is very sensitive and very oily in the forehead, nose and chin area. I began to use the soap with the Acne Treatment and it took about 3 to 4 months before I started to see results. Now, I only have occasional breakouts and black heads have almost disapeared from my face. Overall I notice that the general appearance of my skin is clearer and much better. I also like that their products are all natural. My skin care routine includes Carley's soap, Acne Treatment, Anti aging moisturizer for acne prone skin, Eye moisturizer cream, Night cream and I am also using the mineral foundation. Once a week I am using the Exfoliating lotion. Even tough I find the fees expensive for shipping in Canada, I hope they will continue to sell their products since I wouldn't change for any products I used before.

Beverly Hills, CA


Acne Wash did not work for me..soap is nice


I was struggling with hormonal acne along my jawline. Out of desperation, I ordered this wash and hoped for a miracle, because the company's website and eBay have a majority of rave reviews. I tried the acne wash for one month, and it only made my skin worse. I know that things can take a while to work, and skin sometimes needs to go through a purging process, but I feel I gave this a fair chance by sticking with it for one month. I truly believe that different people respond to different treatments, and this one is not for me. The positives I do have to add are that when I was not seeing results I contacted the company and they were very responsive and suggested alternate usage "kickstart" instructions, like using it as a mask for a few minutes, etc. But no matter what I tried, things just got worse. Also, I was able to return the product for a full refund. No hassles. The natural soap is very nice and mild and can be used on the body.

Dayton, OH


Carley's Clear and Smooth brought out my beautiful complexion!


At first I wasn't sure about Carley's Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment and Natural Soap. It sounded a little too good to be true. Something that was good for my skin without many allergens and harmful ingredients, would make my complexion clear up ***AND ***didn't cost an arm and a leg? I had been using a different product for quite some time and I just wasn't getting the results I had hoped for, so I was reading reviews and stumbled upon my "dream product". I read all the reviews I could and I couldn't find a bad one! And so, I took the leap of FAITH! I went to the website and ordered. And you know what? Carley's has done for me just what it said it would! In two months I had reduced pore size, clearer skin with almost NO breakouts! My skin is more balanced because the formula is non-drying and very mild and I had a very healthy glow. My husband noticed right away! The Acne treatment product comes in a big 16oz bottle with a full size bar of Natural soap and both are totally Sodium Laurel Sulfate FREE!! Good for you, good for the environment! And they are chock full of natural ingredients! Some tips and pointers for a great experience: Do not let the Natural soap bar sit in water or it will dissolve. I found this out the hard way. Do not leave the Acne Treatment bottle in direct sunlight or the ingredients will break down.  Always shake well before using. Allow at least 4-6 weeks to see optimum results. Your skin has to adjust to your new products just as your body would a new medication. ***I have been a dedicated user for the last year!*** I recommend the old Leap of Faith try out.. and if you aren't happy, they will even refund your original shipping and handling fees. No restocking fees. No time limit. No questions asked. But, you know what? You'll be glowing soon!

Isle, MN


Carley's Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment and Natural Soap

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