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Caress Tahitan Renewal Body Bar

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i like the body wash better


I love the caress line of body washes, and as I was already a user of the Tahitian renewal body wash I decided to try the hard bar instead. It smelled the same and it works fine, but I much rather would stick with the body wash. Nothing wrong with the hard bar but it didn't seem as good as the bottle. It smells good still but I think the scent was much longer lasting with the bottle than the bar. I seem to end up with cleaner feeling skin and better moisturized skin with the bottle. If you like bar soaps this would be worth trying but I think people who like the body wash should try this scent in the other form. It smells great and has a very unique scent that is great smelling.



Smells Tropical but I don't get the exfoliation.


I bought Caress Tahitian Renewal Exfoliating Beauty Bar because it was on sale.  When I opened the package the soap smelled great!  It has a sweet and slightly tropical scent.  I can smell it when I walk into my bathroom. The bar is pink and it has bits of ground pomegranate seed in it that is supposed to be an exfoliant.  I didn't notice that the exfoliant was particularly effective when I used the soap.  I did luxuriate in the great scent, however. This soap did not dry my skin out and it felt silky after my bath.  I would not buy this product at the regular price, but I really liked getting to try it when my local grocery store reduced the price.

Boiling Springs, SC


Caress Beauty Bar is fragrant and cleansing


The Tahitian Beauty Bar by Caress is very fragrant and cleansing. I did expect a bit more emolliency and hydrating qualities. The bar is refreshing and lathering. I did want this bar to be less soapy but there was a sort of exfoliating quality I did notice. The price is right, just not the same as some of the beauty bars I tried in the past...oatmeal, pomegrant etc.

Denver, CO


Caress Tahitan Renewal Body Bar

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