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Card Scanning Solutions SCAN2CRM - Sales Force

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I am a 23 year old entrepreneur and I have been self employed since I was 17 years old. I recently started a lead generation company and employed a few staff members to assist me in collecting leads for which I earn revenue on each lead or contact. To streamline this process, I purchased the Scan2CRM software together with the ScanShell 800N Business Card Scanner from Card Scanning Solutions for each staff member and the money is now rolling in. Here are a few of my favorite features of this software and scanner: - Affordable - Easy to Use - Accurate - Lightweight - No external power needed - Captures both data and image of a business card - Quick scanning - No 3rd party software required With Scan2CRM, we are able to scan business cards and the text data and image are automatically inputted into a new contact record in the SalesForce CRM application. This includes vital information such as lead or contact name, contact number, address etc. and this process can be done either through the internet or locally. This SalesForce CRM application supports both leads and contact records which enable my sales team to easily select the item type they require - the scanned data is then pulled and automatically populated into the correct fields of a new lead or contact record. Making money with the help of my Scan2CRM has never been easier - an excellent product.

Beverly Hills, CA


Card Scanning Solutions SCAN2CRM - Sales Force

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