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Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber

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The Carbona color and dirt grabber in-wash sheets are easy to use! The sheets were super effective at grabbing color and dirt and, considering they are priced somewhat low, they are a great value. I would recommend adding this item to you laundry cleaning items and giving it a try. You may end up loving it as much as I do. I would recommend trying this product!


Plainfield, NJ




If you have never tried this product you should I would say I was very surprised at how well it worked because sometimes its the trying that lets you know if something is worth buying or not. I received this product free so it wasn't like I spent any money so I really had nothing t loose. I can honestly say I was concerned that if I washed some dark colors with some light colors the dark would get on the lighter colors but, I gave it a try when I washed a load of clothes just tossed the color grabber in with the wash and waited. I held my breath for a second and thought okay time to take the clothes out of the washing machine now was the time to see if the color grabber truly did the job. I was really surprised to say the least nothing got on the lighter clothes but, the color grabber had contained the loose dyes it truly was something I didn't expect. I would truly recommend this product and I would give it an A+ for its outstanding job. I have always been skeptical about new things especially when it comes to washing ones clothes and what one puts into the washing machine. I take pride in washing my clothes and those of my family so I don't want to ruin anything that I wash. I can only suggest that if you want to try this product it is well worth it as I was truly surprised at the results.


Midlothian, VA


Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber

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