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Carb Rotation Diet

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Worked For Me


After trying so many different diets over the years, I came across the Carb Rotation Diet. This diet seemed to be more lenient than others that I have tried in the past. The diet is very simple and is exactly what it says. You rotate different carb intakes on different day. The first two days are high carb days, you can eat pretty much anything you want within reason. The next three days are low carb days. Then the next two days are the no carb days, those take some time getting used to. The Carb Rotation Diet has a list to go by that is more than lenient. Since protein is a big part of this diet, there is a big variety of different meats on the food list as well as lots of great vegetables. When I started this diet, I wanted to lose twenty pounds. I have lost the twenty pounds plus a few extra. This is one of the best diets that I have ever tried and I would most definitely recommend the Carb Rotation Diet to anyone, no matter how much weight you are trying to lose. You will definitely be surprised with how easy it is to follow and will love the results.




The Carb Alternating Diet isn't extreme & it works!


I saw the Carb Alternating Diet in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I'm a very finicky eater, and most diets don't work for me. Even if they do, it's temporary. I needed something that would change my eating habits. I's heard about the Atkins diet, but never tried it. A friend did it and lost TONS of weight and kept it off. When I read about the Carb Alternating Diet I thought "I can do this!". The diet starts out like the Atkins diet. It suggests a week of basically no carbs, especially sugar. After your induction week, you can ease back into some carbs, but only low amounts, and only 2 or 3 days a week. The next week you can actually have 2 days of "high carbs". Thus you are alternating your carb intake by having a couple of low, med, and high carb days each week. The theory is that it will confuse your body's metabolism & it will burn fat. Sounds simple right? And it works! You are not completely depriving yourself, you are just limiting your intake. It becomes really easy after a while, and you really don't have to think about it too much. Also if you know your going out for a special occasion you can plan that to be a high carb day and not feel guilty. It really does make it easy to change your eating habits ( still keeping healthy choices), thus keeping the weight off. I lost 8 pounds during my induction period, and continue to lose a few pounds every couple of weeks, while still enjoying all of the foods I like in moderation.


Gloversville, NY


Carb Rotation Diet

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