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Carac fluorouracil cream

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effective in removing precanerous lesions and clears up the skin


I have used Carac cream on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. The process is quite simple. Apply the cream to the areas of concern. Usually a dermatologist will prescribe and give you the exact location the cream should be applied. Sometimes it is the face, the neck, the arms, the ears, anywhere precancerous cells appear. You want to use this medication during the winter when you will not be out in the sun very much. Use just enough cream to lightly cover the area. Don't use too much or you will run out before the month is over. Use for one month. The area of use will turn red and many skin lesions and spots will become bright red during this time. This is good because Carac actually burns off the lesions and sun spots that are bad or that could turn into skin cancer. I find the medication to do a great job of clearing my skin in the area of application after one month. There are generic medications of the same kind but those are to be applied twice a day and the Carac is a once a day application.

Visalia, CA


Carac fluorouracil cream

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