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Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mojito

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Awesome drink for non-beer drinkers!!!


Discovered this drink in October of 2009. Wow!!! it is so nice to have a drink in a bottle that is not beer(I am not a beer drinker) and not a wine cooler.  I love this drink. It does not have an alcohol taste, which is great for every once in a while drinkers.  My only issue is they have altered the flavor recently and it is tasting more like beer.  I noticed that the ones I just bought have 5% alcohol and the older ones had 4.1%, per an 11.2 oz bottle. That could explain the difference in flavor.  I like the non beer taste better. Hopefully, they will get it right because this drink is off the hook!!!


Cartersville, GA


Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mojito

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