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Capresso MT500 Plus Electronic Coffeemaker

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A beautifully functional coffee making system


You will pay more for this coffee maker but you will be getting more. Brews that perfect cup of coffee time and time again which will please anybody but the added bonus is the insulated pot that holds the finished coffee after the brewing cycle has ended. After the brewing cycle has finished the coffee maker automatically shuts off so there are never any worries about accidently leaving home with the coffee maker still on. The coffee stays hot for hours in the attractive insulated pot so there is no need for a warmer plate on this system. A coffee brewer you'll love after your first use.




Great coffee maker, but has special filters you have to use.


My mother and father in law have this coffee maker at their home. They are big coffee drinkers and only drink starbucks brand. My husband and I stick to the cheap folgers, so it is definitley a treat when we go to visit them and we get fresh starbucks every morning. With that being said, the coffee maker they have seems to work great. It keeps coffee hot and brews pretty quickly. Here comes some of the bad things about this coffee maker. For starters, it doesn't take normal filers, you have to buy special filters that fit this specific type of coffee maker, which in turn just increases what you are paying for coffee. It also has a screw on top that you have to screw on and off every time you go to pour a cup of coffee. Much better at pouring than the coffee maker that I use that spills all over the place, but still none the less it is a bit frustrating to have to screw on and off the top each time.




A Big Disappointment for the price


We purchase our coffee from a coffee store and grind it ourselves. We do like hot and strong coffee. The reviews for the Capresso were so good we didn't think we could go wrong. We had been using a Krups machine that finally became unreliable with age. The first thing I noticed with the Capresso was that the thermal carafe was sort of triangular in shape. It looked stylish but it was hard to pour the last bit of water out of it. You had to go "head-over-heels". That was king of annoying, particularly when filling the water reservoir. You don't want to leave water in the carafe. Another problem we had was that the coffee was not hot. We like hot coffee. We have an instant-hot water dispenser in our kitchen and even tried preheating the carafe with the steaming water. Still the coffee was not really hot. And without a burner, it doesn't get any hotter with time. We also like strong coffee. We use Sumatra grind it "fine". With the Capresso, the usual amount of coffee we used in the Krups made weaker coffee. We even tried adding more. I don't know if it was the charcoal filter or what, but it wasn't the same. We bundled it up and sent it back. Bought a high-end Mr. Coffee that was a fraction of the price. Has its problems but the coffee is strong and hot.


Theodore, AL


The best coffeemaker out there! No question!


When my husband and I got married a few years ago, we decided to "invest" in a good, quality coffeemaker since we are both avid coffee drinkers ... and we knew our coffeemaker would be used A LOT. After doing a good amount of research, we decided to purchase this Capresso machine. We haven't regretted that decision! We make coffee once or twice every day and haven't had ANY issues or problems with it. The price is a little higher than some of the other popular brands, but I assure you it is well worth the extra money! The coffee brews quickly and stay hot for several hours after it brews. The coffee tastes amazingly fresh no matter what brand of coffee we buy. It is easy to operate and relatively easy to clean. The only thing I would change is the size of the opening at the top of the carafe/pot. It is pretty small and makes it difficult to clean the inside of the pot. One of our favorite features is the timer that allows you to set it to brew at whatever time you decide. It is so nice to wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee! We have also received lots of compliments on the appearance of machine. It looks MUCH nicer than most at-home coffeemakers and would be a wonderful asset to any kitchen!


Spring Hill, TN


The best coffee maker available, and I've had many!


After going through many "popular" brands of coffee makers, I finally settled on this one even though I had no previous knowledge of the brand name. I read lots of reviews which is why I want to offer my own so it might help someone else make the same excellent purchase. The coffee that this machine brews is far superior to any machine I have owned and easily rivals coffee purchased in well-known shops like Starbucks. PROS: - Coffee taste is INCREDIBLE, better than from any home machine I've tried previously. - Coffee is brewed hot and remains hot. Still drinkable after 3 hours. I don't pre-heat the carafe, but if you do, it remains even hotter for a longer time. The hot water heats it fast and since steel is a conductor, the carafe warms quickly. - It extracts max flavor from the grinds, therefore less coffee is required. - The keypad is simple to use and understand. CONS: - It's not cheap But if you're a coffee lover as I am, the cost is worth it. I previously used to purchase a cup of coffee daily. By brewing my own and taking in a thermos, I've already paid for the machine in just a few weeks. . - Be sure you line up the hole on carafe top very carefully or coffee will spill out all over the counter. It's only happened to me once when I wasn't paying attention. But after that once mishap, no problem! - A removable water reservoir would be nice as the water level measure on the side is a little difficult to read. But after practice, it's easy to see the level, even without my glasses early in the morning. Overall, the Pros DEFINITELY outweigh the Cons. I've never regretted the money I spent on this machine. I think you'll agree!  


Portland, OR


Never have to replace that glass decanter again!


The Capresso MT500 Model # 441 coffeemaker is an excellant solution for someone (like me) who is constantly breaking the glass decanters. The handbook is helpful and support is exceptional if you have any problems. It is easy to set up for your first pot of coffee. It includes a charcoal water filter that helps if you use water out of the faucet which can be full of impurities and cause calcium build-up in your coffeemaker. The handbook also explains how to decalcify your pot after so many uses to ensure you still get a good cup of coffee. Also included is a nice gold tone filter which is great for making a good strong pot of coffee, or you can use less coffee to get a weaker strength, and save on the amount of coffee you buy. You also do not have to buy the paper filters. Not to forget that this is environmentally friendly also. The metal carafe keeps the coffee hot for quite a while without "cooking" the coffee.  However, you must remember not to immerse the pot in the sink water or it will develop water "leakage" out of the crevices. Makes a good cup of coffee too!


Nashville, TN


Capresso MT500 Plus Electronic Coffeemaker

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