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Capresso CoffeeTEAM Therm Stainless Coffeemaker/Burr Grinder Combination


The Capresso CoffeeTEAM Therm is the only Coffee Maker/Grinder combination with a Thermal Carafe and Conical Burr Grinder. The completely new CoffeeTEAM Therm features a stainless steel thermal carafe to keep you coffee perfectly fresh, aromatic and hot for hours, without reheating. A stainless steel housing and simple on-button programming design with a new black-on-white illuminated display make this the most sophisticated Coffee Maker/Burr Grinder combination. With patented technology the CoffeeTEAM Therm grinds a programmed amount of beans directly into filter, then automatically swings forward and starts the brewing process. Simple, one-button programming design allows programmable coffee amounts for 4, 6, 6, 8 and 10 cups in mild, medium and strong strength.

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this coffee maker makes my mornings happy


I like this coffee maker, really it makes my mornings happy. I like the freshness of the coffee. And I don't need two appliances, ie a grinder and coffee maker sitting on my counter. The stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee warm for a long time, something that I've noticed that the traditional glass ones do not. This comes with a programming feature, but I have yet to use it. The only downside is that the machine is tall, the container that hold the beans is level with my cabinets so I have to set it out higher. That is the only thins and in my old house that was never an issue and doesn't in any way relate to the quality of the machine.



don't buy if you enjoy strong coffee


I bought this product last year after reading positive reviews.  The grinding feature works well, as does the automatic flip to the brew setting.  However, we have set the coffeemaker to brew 10 cups of strong coffee (both number of cups and strength are variables that can be adjusted) but we only put in 5 cups of water.  Otherwise, you get an insipid, undrinkable brew.  After having this for a few days I did find several reviews that warned of this problem.  Had I read them first, I never would have purchased this machine.

North Royalton, OH


Capresso Coffee TEAM is the best


I love coffee. I drink about 6 cups in the morning on average. And I am picky on my coffee. After trying the coffee made by Capresso TEAM with Burr grinder, I just have to have it! The coffee was brewed to perfect! So, two years ago, at Christmas, I got myself this one. Capresso is a great brand for their coffee maker, on top of that, it comes with the Burr gridner. If you are a real coffee drinker, you would taste the difference between the burr grinder and the blade grinder, very big difference! The Burr Grider doesn't give the coffee the "burned" flavor. When I bought my coffee maker, Capresso is the only one among all the "grid and brew" machines that is equipted with burr grinder. After using it for 2 years, I still love it to every drop of coffee. Pros: 1. Grind and brew. Can't get fresher than that! Maintained the flavor to the best. 2. Easy to set up. The push-n-dial button is the only one you need to make adjustment. I found it very nice. I don't change my settings very much, except on Christmas morning, when I had a full house, I had to change the setting to a full 10 cups. I changed it within just seconds. Even my husband can adjust it! No joking, he doesn't like making adjustment! 3. Timer! Set it up the night before: put a clean filter in, add enough water, then push a button. YOu are all set! 4. Flexible: you can grind only, brew only, grind and brew... any possible combinations. The grinds can set to different fine level to acommandate different taste. 5. Decalcify reminder. At first, I thought this maybe annoying. But now, I love it. Because I care about my coffee maker, I am planning to use it for many years to come, clean it becomes more important. Every 500 cups, it will flash "Decal" on the tiny display to remind you that it is time to decalcify the machine. and this message doesn't stop you from brewing your coffee, it is just a reminder. Cons: The coffee bean compartment is too small. I wish it is bigger and can hold more bean. Right now, about 15-20 cups of coffee, I have to refill that compartment, which is about every other day. But, since this comparment is not air tight, it is better this way to keep the bean fresh.

Austin, TX


I expected better from a Capresso


Let me start first by saying that I do like this coffee maker for the convenience of the built in grinder. Waking up to a cup of coffee made from fresh ground beans without the hassle and mess of using a separate coffee grinder is quite a luxury. With that said though, I do not believe this coffee maker is worth the steep price tag. I received this coffee maker as a gift. My old Capresso maker, which I loved (I do not recall the model number, but it was about 10 years old and did not have an attached grinder) made a near perfect cup of coffee and was the top reviewed coffee maker of its kind when I bought it. Unfortunately, the final product from the **Capresso CoffeeTEAM Therm Stainless Coffeemaker/Burr Grinder Combination 455 **is no where near as good. The coffee is weak and the mechanisms do not always work as they are supposed to. After a couple of messy mishaps, where the basket did not completely swing back into brewing place after grinding and I ended up with hot brewed coffee all over my counter top, I have found that I need to stand by the machine during the grinding step so that I can manually push the basket into place for brewing. There are also times when the coffee beans do not feed properly through the grinder, so I need to be close by so that I can push the beans down into the grinding chute. For my taste, the brewed coffee is not nearly strong enough, even when set to the strongest grind. I get around that by turning off the machine right after the grind step is completed, turning it back on (with the basket still under the grinding spout) for a partial grinding step, turning it off again, pressing the release button so that the basket swings into place for brewing and finally turning the machine back on again so that it brews.  Bottom line- if you want the convenience of a grind and brew machine, you might want to go with a different make. If you want a great cup of home brewed coffee, check out a Capresso without the grind and brew option.

Scotch Plains, NJ


Good coffee with minimal cleanup


I had used a burr grinder for a few years and considered it a quality product but it was still a pain to grind, transfer the coffee to the coffeemaker, and clean out both machines. When the grinder broke down, I decided to try this combination. It is easy to mis-assemble the several parts of this machine, and if it is not put together just right, it either won't grind or won't brew. However, after a few tries I found it easy to put the thing together properly, and have never had a failure since. I suspect if I had bothered to watch the enclosed DVD, I could have avoided those early failures! The coffee could be a little stronger. Their "strong" seems quite average to me. It is possible to set the grinder for a larger amount of coffee than the amount of water you put in, which will make the coffee stronger, but it does seem this should not be necessary on a high cost machine. The thermal carafe does a nice job of keeping the coffee hot for a couple of hours (as long as I have ever cared to check it for).  My worst complaints are that there is no bypass doser to allow easy switches of decaf and caffeinated beans, and that the bean supply has to be kept quite full or the beans just sit there and do not feed into the grinder properly. I find this makes a nice cup of coffee, keeps it hot without burning it, and is easy to clean and maintain. I am pleased.

Bothell, WA


Capresso CoffeeTEAM Therm Stainless Coffeemaker/Burr Grinder Combination

3.8 5