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Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

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Great Price


Most espresso machines are expensive, and I was looking for something that could make espresso as well as steamed beverages, but was much more inexpensive than most. I wasn't looking for top of the line when I bought my Capresso Espresso machine. I did get good quality, though. Basically, you get what you pay for overall. It's been a little while since I've been able to use it, but that's my fault, not that of the machine. I lost a part in a recent move and am currently trying to replace it. It's perfect if you want to make inexpensive espresso and espresso beverages at home and not have to shell out a small fortune for a machine. Ease of Use It was a bit hard to figure out the first time using, but after that, it got easier. Design I like the design - I think it's nice and modern looking and not too big or bulky. In my house, there's only two people using it, so it's the perfect size for us. Durability The machine has made it through 3 moves and is still perfect - just lost a piece and working on getting it replaced.




Capresso 4-cup


Capresso four cup espresso maker works well. I think that we started making espressos with this kind of machine when we began. The one we had came with a carafe I believe and it can be replaced by ordering a generic carafe at the correct height to fit your machine. I like being able to order a generic carafe because it is easy to brake the glass carafes and it is helpful if you can easily find a replacement. Espresso is so easy to make and it saves you so much money when you can eliminate trips to the coffee shop. Any kind of coffee beans work well to make espresso in my opinion. I do like to grind the beans very fine because that seems to make the espresso flavor stronger. If you don't like it strong then a coarser ground coffee may work better.


Anchorage, AK


Over all a great starter machine!


I was looking for an inexpesive starter machine for our home. I searched a lot of brands and machines and oddly enough I went with the Capresso. This was a brand I knew nothing about this machine sounded like a good fit. The first biggest downfall is that the instructions didn't make any sense what so ever. Luckly I have a friend that use to be a barista and she had taught me how to use her machine (Starbucks which cost WAY too much!). So I put down the instructions after about 20 minutes and went on my own. I took off that stupid black nosal thing on the steamer and made a perfect cup 1s time and every time since. That part is now in my junk drawer and pretty sure that is where it will stay. The final thing I don't like about it is that I can't foam up my milk then set it down to let it continue to steam to temp like my friend's machine. That is pretty handy. The machine works well, I use it daily if not several times a day. I have never steamed out my machine between batches like that 1 star person complained she had to do. For a low costing machine it is definatly a good way to start.


Olympia, WA


Wonderful Starbucks-quality coffee right in your home!"


We bought the Capresso espresso/cappuchino maker after our Black & Decker died.  I spent a lot of time searching for what I wanted at a price I could afford, and this just fits the bill. The machine has a setting you can change for how fast the water pushes through the coffee grinds, giving you control over the strength of the flavor.  It definitely works best with the fine grind coffee, or it comes out too weak.  My husband uses it simply for the espresso, but I use the little swing-out arm to steam my milk.  I fill the canister with enough water for three cups, put two scoops of coffee in the stainless steel basket, brew about two and a half servings of coffee, then switch over to the steamer.  It's just a slide of a button to change from brewing to steaming.  There is enough water still left to steam the milk to the perfect heat, which you control with a knob on the side of the coffee maker.  Lots of steam, slowly steam - it's up to you.  When the milk is hot enough, I turn off the steam, pour the coffee into my cup, then switch back to the brewing mode where the very last of the water will empty out into the coffee pot.  Makes a great cup of coffee / espresso / cappuchino and it fits nicely into a small corner.  I am very pleased with my purchase.


Burleson, TX


Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

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