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Capital One
Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card

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Great card


I have h as d this card for as little over 2 years and I love it. Customer service was great when I misplaced my card and when I wanted to raise my credit limit. My only complaint is the interest rate us a little high.

Denver Colorado


Best & easiest to get for rewards and low score.


If you are rebuilding credit, have no credit, and are looking for a rewards card, this one is for you. A 600 score should get you in the door, maybe even a little less. Usually $300 limit to start, they boost you to $500 if you pay on time. No annual fee! Gotta love that :) Customer Service The website is good, the chat interface is good. I have used the phone a few times and the automated system works fine. Not too confusing. The customer service reps are friendly and so far I cannot complain. Available Rates This card has a high rate and it will eat you alive if you keep a balance on it. Use it for the rewards and pay it off in full each month. If you keep balances you will give up what you earn in rewards in a month. 29% hurts, but no annual fee does help balance it out with 1% rewards on everything. Use wisely and you will be happy. This is not a secured card but it should be easy to get so no worries and you do not need to be a student to get it *wink wink*.



Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card

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