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Capella University - MS in Human Services

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Capella University School of Human Services is amazing!


I obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in May '05.  I took a year off and worked a few jobs in my field and decided to go back to school.  I was working full-time and couldn't just pick up and move to another town or state to go to graduate school so I decided to look online.  I eventually want to become a licensed counselor so I knew it was important to do a lot of research before I made a decision. If the program has not received the proper accreditation, it most likely wouldn't be eligible for licensure in my state.  Capella University is is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  In addition, the Master's in Mental Health Counseling is accredited by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs).  From the beginning of the program, Capella emphasizes the importance of being well versed with the qualifications for licensure in your state to make sure you will be eligible for licensure.  I love the online format because I learn better through text rather than verbal instruction.  You have full access to Capella's online library and if you ever have any problems accessing the courseroom, technical support is available 24/7.  I've honestly retained more information through this program because during each unit, you are expected to engage yourself in discussion about that week's topic.  Everything has to be referenced in APA format, so you can't just hide in the back of the class and not participate.  You will also have papers to write; if you need help with master's level writing or APA format, there are resources available to you through Capella.  Discussion posts and papers do have due dates and times; this is not just a learn as you go program.  Contrary to the belief that online schools are just out to make money, not everyone gets admitted into the programs.  Yes, they are a for-profit school (and a bit pricey), but you get a quality education that can fit a busy lifestyle.  I currently live with my fiance and a full-time job.  I have classmates who are married, have several children, and work a full-time job that are taking several classes a quarter at Capella.  Others only take one or two.  Your academic advisor will help you plan out your DCP (Degree Completion Program) and you follow that until you graduate.  Bottom line, if you want a high quality online education and don't mind it being a bit pricey, Capella is the school for you.

Bradford, PA


Capella University is one of the best online schools


Before actually choosing Capella University as my online school of choice, I searched for months for the program that was closest to the one I truly desired. When I finally had an opportunity to speak to an admissions counselor, he seemed to be very caring and excited that I was on the verge of making Capella University my online educational choice. I expressed my concerns to the admissions counselor and he helped me achieve those minor milestones in order for me to become a Capella learner. Once I became a Capella learner, I not only needed the support of my family, my job, and myself, but I continued to need the support of Capella Univeristy. Capella University offered support in so many areas: writing, financial aid, peer support, as well as support from the staff. With support as being very important to me, that is something that future online university seekers can depend on. Besides dependability, convenience is also a prop. Also, as I mentioned earlier on, I had to choose Human Services as a degree program because it was the closest to Social Work. I was also able to specialize in community and social services, which is even clser to social work. I was satisfied with this. Once I graduate, I knew I had a greater opportunity in utilizing the skills Capella University had taught me. As I mentioned, Capella University is one of the best online schools. You decide!

Hazel, KY


Excellent education designed with working adults in mind.


  Capella University provides an education that isn't available anywhere else. An award winning institution with highly qualified instructors designed specifically for the online learner. An online classroom experience like no other. Professionals and students of all ages and demographics from all over the United States make up each classroom roster. Just like a physical university, you experience different students in different courses. Small class sizes allow for an ultimate learning experience. Predictable classroom expectations are provided by all Capella instructors. Capella University provides complete, challenging, relevant curriculum for today's professional. Curriculum is not only instructor driven but student driven. You can expect to learn as much from your fellow students as you do from your instructor.All professors at Capella must all hold a PhD. in their field.  This is not your typical online school.  They offer a free course for those interested. Why wait to expand your education? Give Capella a try.  

Medford, OR


Capella University - MS in Human Services

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