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Capella University - MS in Education

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Great Master's Degree program in Education at Capella Univ!


I am a graduate of Capella University's online Master's Degree in Education (Advanced Curriculum). I graduated from this program in December 2007. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to earn their Master's Degree in K-12 Education. All of the courses were well designed and relevant. The professors were helpful and well equipped to carry out the courses. The textbooks that were part of each course worked well with the assignments and program components. The Capella website is easy to navigate and the online classroom is as well. Keeping track of your assignments, grades, and the components of each course was easy to do also. The whole setup of the program is very well organized and thorough. I feel that I learned a lot of things that I can put to use within my teaching career. The methods used in the courses allowed for learners of different strengths to learn. The online discussions were helpful and relevant to the course outlines as well. I found it great to be able to "discuss" concepts, ask questions, get help on assignments, or just to help one another out in the discussion forums. I would highly recommend attending Capella University's Master's of Education program. Lisa Miller

Crossville, TN


If you are busy and need online courses then this school is grea


I am a current student at Capella University. I have a very busy schedule and donot have time to go to a campus school. I have been working through Capella for a year now, and I think it is a great school. They are highly accredited and offer most of the classes that you may need to receive many different degrees. I am working on a reading and literacy degree in education, and have had some hard times with the courses. The professors are very good, and always there to help in any way they can. The tuition is affordable and you can get loans to help as well. The classes are ten weeks, and you only have to take one class at a time if you choose. Taking an online course through Capella has been great for me. I would recommend this school to anyone. They offer a lot of different classes, and the price is fairly reasonable. I am glad that I chose Capella to help me attain a second masters. There are no tests in most of the classes that are taken and you are allowed to do observations right in the location you work at. You can also get online anytime. There is a lot of flexibility.

Chicago, IL


Capella University - Online


I acquired my second master's degree from Capella University, with a speicalization in Online Education and Teaching. I really enjoyed attending class online. I thought I had less work ( i.g., homework, papers, etc.,) to do in an online setting. I enjoyed writing the papers, rather than taking test. I actually believe that this type of learning is only for certain types of leaners or students. Redman, Dover, DE

Dover, DE


Capella University - MS in Education

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