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Canus - Li'l Goat's Milk 40% Zinc Oxide Ointment

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Goats milk is the best diaper ointment ever - so effective


This truly is the best diaper ointment on the market.  It is so effective and works quickly to clear up a diaper rash.  I love how thick and creamy the ointment is.  It is easy to apply and sticks to the area.  It covers so fully.  My baby had the worst rash I have ever seen and was in severe pain.  My mother-in-law had been applying Desitin and other brands of ointment with no result.  Once we washed off the ointment and tried again with Canus Goat's Milk ointment, it was almost an immediate relief for her.  She slept through the night and her skin was just a slight pink in the morning, almost completely healed after just one use.  I've used the lotion and bath soap from the Canus line of products as well.  I've been extremely impressed with all products.  The lotion isn't greasy and has a nice scent - though I may think that Joshnson and Johnson pink baby lotion is the ultimate in baby lotion smell.  :)

Chapel Hill, NC


Canus - Li'l Goat's Milk 40% Zinc Oxide Ointment

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