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Canon ip4300 Printer

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Outstanding print quality. Reliable: Canon IP4300


The Canon iP4300 is all you could ask for in an inkjet photo printer. It is fast, quiet, reliable, and if you use the proper paper, the photos it prints are second to none. Some quirks that I would gripe about this printer would be the fact that once I sent a fairly large file to print (10's of megabytes large) and it took an extremely LONG time to print. It was beyond slow. The printer should have some kind of downscaler algorithm or at least a memory upgrade option or something to prevent this from happening. If you make the mistake of sending a large file to the printer, you will not want to cancel it for fear of wasting ink and expensive photo paper. This aside, ink can also get to be expensive, and I have not yet opted to try an aftermarket ink cartridge to see if it produces identical results. Really, though, these points are fairly minor and overall, this printer is a great product, and will do everything you expect it to and then some.

Beverly Hills, CA


Great equipment for home or small office


If you are looking for a high quality home or business printer that can handle a moderate work load, look no further.  The Canon Pixma series is your go-to printer! I purchased the Canon Pixma IP4300 three years back for my home business use and it continues to do a fantastic job.  I love being able to print my own product labels, brochures and documents as well as family photos and other projects and they come out beautifully every time.  After going through more printers than I liked for a while, I heeded the manufacturer's warning to only use their ink cartridges.  I believe this has made a difference in the longevity of this printer.  Sadly, the cartridges are somewhat pricy - but less than a new printer!  I do love that the cartridges are broken out by color, so if you run out of one color, it can be replaced without having to discard a cartridge that has only partially used the other colors.  

Binghamton, NY


The Canon IP4300 printer is my best friend as a graphic designer


           As a freelance graphics designer, I am always looking for the easiest most hassle free way to get my work printed and turned in on time. Sometimes I have an hour or two to put something together and the last thing I want is not being able to complete it because i'm having printing problems. As a student and now professional, printing problems follow you wherever you go. I've had the Canon IP4300 printer for about 3 years now and never had a problem with it. From the quality of the print to the cartridge refills, I couldn't be more happier. The warnings about running out of ink are given ahead of time to give me sufficiant time to replace it or refill it. Its definantly not like what I use to own where the warning signs popped up and you had to replace them at that moment. It was a nightmare. I'm so happy with this product that if it were to stop working on me now I wouldn't be mad because I definantly got my moneys worth.

Chicago, IL


Canon ip4300 Printer

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