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Canon imageCLASS Printer

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Canon imageCLASS MF4150 Printer is a Real Workhorse


I bought the Canon imageCLASS MF4150 printer a little over two years ago.  Based on a quick check it seems like they are still selling the same basic model with the same features at the same basic price as mine.  I have used this item extensively for years and I highly recommend the MF4150. The MF4150 is a laser device, which prints, copies, scans, and faxes.  The quality is terrific and it has worked easily with multiple computers.  It also prints double sided, which I find amazing - really saves on paper.  The copy feature is pretty standard.  Like with printing you can make double sided copies. You can also enlarge or reduce the size of copies, make them darker or lighter, etc.  You have a lot of options when scanning - PDF, JPEG, etc.  It works well to get documents on to your computer. One great feature of the MF4150 is that it has a flat glass top.  So, it is very easy to scan and copy items that are not standard size (e.g., if you need to copy/scan your driver's license).  I find this amazing.  The device also has a feeder, for use in copying/scanning faxing multiple documents.  One problem I have had is that things get left off when using the feeder if lines of text or pictures are too close to the edge of the paper.  The device is relatively small and I guess there is no room to have leeway when you use the feeder. The fax function is also pretty standard.  One thing I like is that you can set it to print a confirmation page and to have on that page a copy of the first page of what you sent.  This tells you it went through and confirms you put the paper in the right side up. Other nice features of the MF4150 are that it goes into power save mode if you leave it on but do not use if for awhile and it prints/copies many pages before needing to have the toner replaced.  The toner is also easily replaceable. By far my biggest complaint about the MF4150 is the user interface.  To change any setting on the device itself (especially faxing and copying) is very difficult.  It is hard to find the right menu and then the machine never seems to want to accept the change you want to make.  Especially in comparison to something like Windows, or a smartphone, the MF4150 is really not user-friendly.  Luckily you do not have to make too many changes.  And, printing and scanning changes are controlled on the computer (which is much easier). In the next version of the MF4150 I wish they would make it more user-friendly.  The rest of this printer/copier/scanner/faxer is top notch.

Bethesda, MD


Awesome machine for home or small office


Canon office equipment began in the land of copiers, so it comes as no surprise that their MultiFunction Copy/Fax/Print equipment is exceptional.  I purchased this Multi Function unit for my home business and it has been a great investment.  It gets daily use and has yet to even hiccup at me.  Change the toner, print tons of pages, repeat.  That's been my experience with this machine.  This unit has the option of using the glass or the auto document feeder for copying and scanning.  It makes jobs so much easier!  It has the the functions of a full size copier in a small unit that will sit on a shelf.  The scanning and copying quality is great and fast.  I also appreciate the one-button function for double-sided copies.  A quick USB connection to my computer and I'm ready to go: scanning or printing.  As a bonus it has an auto shut off energy feature.  Generally the toner says it's low long before it's empty - a quick shake of the cartridge and you can continue with your projects.  

Binghamton, NY


Canon imageCLASS Printer

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