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Canon - Powershot A85

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not the best of the camera by canon


I bought this camera about 3 years back but within 2 years I started to have problems. The pictures starting coming out with red streaks and finally one day it just died. It would not start.. In the time that it worked - i felt the picture quality was just okay. there was a reddish tone to the pictures. pictures indoors were generally of poor quality.

Owings Mills, MD


A great All Around Camera!


I've owned the Powershot A85 for several years now and it's great! Takes great pictures everytime. There was a time when the image went black a couple of years ago. The camera was well out of warranty but Canon repaired it free!! They said the CCD Image Sensor had failed and that this was a common fault that had developed, and that they would repair it free. For this reason I'd buy a Canon again. My camera continues to work like new and I'm very happy with it...and Canon. Excellent!!

York, PA


The PowerShot A85 is affordable, durable and family-friendly.


The Canon PowerShot A85 camera is a heavy-duty, high-functioning and durable digital camera for young families who take a lot of photos. We received this camera as a gift in 2004 -- my uncle, a professional photographer, recommended it because of the rave reviews it had been getting and because it was relatively affordable in the digital camera realm. We've taken thousands and thousands of pictures with it since then, and dropped it many, many times -- but it's still working great. It's fully loaded with many settings and options we've never even tried out. It takes decent short videos. It's easy to handle.  Drawbacks -- Compared to its modern counterparts, the A85 is a pretty hefty, heavy digital camera. You can try putting it in your pocket, but it's very bulky. Another drawback, is that I have a lot of problems taking photos when the flash is turned off. Likely there is a way to correct this problem, but when I'm in a rush to capture a great action shot, I don't have time to hunt for different settings. **Bottomline:** Great camera for families who want to take a lot of pictures and are looking for a sturdy, durable, high-performing camera.

Des Moines, IA


Canon - Powershot A85

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