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Canon - Powershot A400

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Nine Years & Still My Favorite


This was my first personal camera, and I fell madly in love with it from the moment it came out of the box. It's a wonderful first time camera for anyone who wants to learn the basics of photography on a tight budget. Image Quality This is a wonderful camera best suited for up close, detailed shots. I run a blog that sometimes requires shots of products, people, and cooked foodstuffs. This camera has wonderful features to adjust exposure, light, and subject matter to get the best shot possible. Performance Although it's not as strong as newer cameras, it contends with detailed photos produced by said cameras. Strong, vibrant shots that focus on main details flawlessly! Ease of Use It's very important to read the manual to understand the concepts, but this is a self-explanatory camera for the most part. There are small pictures all over the camera on-screen and off-screen that guide you through the process of photography or video capture. Battery Life As long as you're not making a full-length movie, the battery life of this camera is rather long. Since I do not take as many pictures as I used to, battery life lasts for months. For frequent users, it might be something like four weeks. Extended to expert users might get a couple weeks.




Junk- don't waste your money


This camera is junk. True, it takes a picture, but that's about it. The quality is subpar and after 2 years, the camera itself is starting to pull apart and breaking. It takes too long to snap the shot, and often it's fuzzy and you still have to retake the picture. Definitely not worth what it cost.


Silver Spring, MD


My canon power shot and I go everywhere together


While I have had other digital cameras, the Canon Power Shot A400 is the perfect camera for me.  It is easy to use, light weight, compact and most importantly...takes wonderful pictures.  The zoom is great for those close encounters that we all want from time to time.  It fits into a pocket or purse without weighing it down.  The instruction manual is simple and easy to follow. There are many settings for different times of the day.  The Canon Power Shot A400 also has a video feature.  This feature comes in handy when a still shot just isn't enough.  It records video and sound with great quality. 


Elkhart, IN


This is a wonderful compact digital camera


I received this little camera as a Christmas present.  I knew nothing about digital cameras but this was so easy to operate and the owners manual filled me in, in detail, with any questions that I had.  I love it, use it all the time and have all the gadgets that go with it.


Yuba City, CA


Easy to hold-not too small, and great resolution!


The cons are just things I wish could be different, and have no implication on what the camera actually promised to do. The camera delivers. I enjoy the size of the camera. Smaller cameras are not better, cameras should fit into our palms, not our fingertips. I can grasp the camera without feeling like it's going to fall through my fingers. I enjoy using and re-using the SD cards that fit into this camera. I also enjoy being able to use rechargeable batteries, without buying new batteries all the time. This camera goes up to 2048 X 1536 pixels. I have been able to order large prints of photos taken in Africa on safari, because the resolution was so well. I was able to order a beautiful, clear 18 x 20 inch print of a giraffe I took with this camera.


Salt Lake City, UT


Canon - Powershot A400

3.8 5