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Canon - PowerShot A1200 Digital Camera

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Canon Powershot a1200 ok for the price


I have had the Canon Powershot a1200 for about a year now and for the price I paid it is ok. It does just fine in the daylight, but any time I need the flash the pictures come out too bright or not bright enough. Like I said, it does it's job but I don't love it. I mostly carry it around in my purse for snapshots when I'm out and about since I don't have a smartphone and my phone takes 2 mp pictures I needed something a little better. Nothing wonderful about this camera, but better it's small and portable and better than my phone camera. The pictures turn out great if you are out in daylight and no flash is used, the flash seems slow and inadequate even with a full battery. Image Quality low picture quality when flash is used

Hurricane, UT


Don't get it!


I purchased this camera because my previous digital camera couldn't process memory cards above 1 GB. It was an inexpensive camera & seemed like a great one for my needs. However, I RARELY can take a picture with it! I have put it on ALL the different settings & tried numerous times to take pictures only to give up when it won't! I have been taking pictures with different cameras for about 45 years & get GREAT results---USUALLY! But this camera is VERY frustrating to me & I cannot use it! I have read the instruction manual and done what is explained & STILL I can't get it to take pictures! Good luck if YOU buy it! Image Quality WHEN you can actually get it to TAKE a picture! Performance It doesn't take pictures when you press the button---no matter how many times or how far down you press it, or on what setting---it WON'T take pictures! (OCCASIONALLY we have had it take a picture, but not CONSISTENTLY!) Ease of Use I've tried EVERY different setting & it won't CONSISTENTLY take pictures. (We've actually gotten a FEW pictures, so it DOES work, but not CONSISTENTLY! I can't DEPEND on it to take the picture). Durability So far, it's held up very well. But we take VERY GOOD care of our possessions! Battery Life Seems ok so far. Portability Small enough to fit in a "fanny pack" & has a strap by which to hold it on your wrist.

Pueblo, CO


Canon - PowerShot A1200 Digital Camera

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