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Canon - PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Camera

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love my camera!


i've had this camera for about three years now and really like it. i love it when i first got it and now would probably just like an updated version. my very favorite feature about the camera is that it has red eye removal. after a picture is taken i can go in and fix the red eye and save a new picture. the camera also has a red eye feature but sometimes with that the eyes still turn out red (especially on blue eyes). my sister has a canon powershot but hers doesn't have the red eye fixing option. it is so much easier and faster for me to fix red eye on the camera as opposed to the computer. i like that i can focus the camera and then wait for my little girl to smile to take the picture. the zoom on the camera is really good too.  the customer service i've gotten from canon has been really good too. the camera broke within six months of getting it and they had me mail it back and fixed it for me. another time the settings got all messed up and they helped me via email to figure out what i'd done wrong. i've been very pleased with canon and this camera.

Wellington, KS


Nice Point and Shoot


I have been using Canon Elph series for a long time. I have had a SD100, SD230, SD550. The Canon SD950IS is the best of the bunch. The quality of the pictures are bright and clear. Btw, the camera sports a 12.1 mega pixel lens. For most point and shoot cameras, 7.1 mega pixels should be enough. The camera is small enough to fit in your pocket. For me, this was a selling point. I really did not want to lug around a big DSLR. Also, DSLR cameras are expensive. Since I am not a professional photographer, I really wanted a good camera that allowed me to capture quality pictures on the fly. The flash works well if you want to take pictures at night. I have tried many brands of cameras, such as, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, etc. I have to say that Canon makes some pretty solid cameras. I would  recommend this camera to anyone who wants a good point and shoot camera. The image stabilizer is a great feature to have.

Philadelphia, PA


Cannon SD 950 IS is a great compact quality camera


Cannon's SD 950 IS is nearly perfect. It has an awesome picture quality and a myriad of features of which I have not even used all of. The buttons are all in great placement and I do not need to search through a plethora of screens to find what I need. It seems like they know exactly the functions I use the most for these have their own buttons. The LCD screen is large, but not overdominating. On the LCD screen the picture rotates as you rotate the camera so you never have to look at a sideways picture. For the most part the camera is very durable and can be taken anywhere. Canon as a company is also great for when we did have problems they promptly informed us of what to do, repaired the camera, and sent it back to us all within a week. The customer service representatives were very friendly and they gave detailed notes of exactly what they had done and some pointers to help avoid the problem in the future. The downfalls of the camera are that I wish it had a larger zoom, but at the time of purchase their were no cameras with a larger zoom and a reasonable price tag. The other negative is that the lense got stuck and would not move. This was the issue Canon so professionaly and promptly took care of. My wife and I tremendously enjoy our camera and have already recommended it to a few others.

Azusa, CA


Canon - PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Camera

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