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Canon - PowerShot SD890 IS / IXUS 970 IS Digital Camera

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Canon SD970 is truly an amazing product


I had Canon powershot SD 970 for over an year now and I must say that this is truly an artwork by Canon. It is an amazing camera with amazing features. It has 5x zoom and 12.1 Mega pixel to make your pictures looks stunning and crystal clear. I must say that outdoor pictures are much better than indoor pictures though image stabilization works great without flash on.The flash is great as compared to comact cameras. The camera is so compact that it easily fits in your hand and your pocket and you would want to carry it with you wherever you go. It is very lightweight as well and handy. The battery life is ok and allows you to click 100-150 photos before draining out. I would recommend this product.


Jersey City, NJ


Canon PowerShot SD890 is a great "on the go" camera


This camera is my second Canon PowerShot, and am very happy with the way it performs.  The pros are that it is very lightweight, fits well in my purse and is quick to use for all my daily needs of a camera.  The quality of the shots are great for a digital point and shoot.  The different shot options make getting a great picture possible.  The viewfinder screen is a nice size, and I really like that it also has a manual viewfinder for shooting into the sun and on bright days when you can not see the screen well. The battery life is pretty average and the zoon works really well.  The menus take some time to get used to, but once you learn them it is is a breeze.  It is also a very sturdy camera, my almost three year old has gotten her hands on it a couple times, as well as a few drops and it came through just fine.  My two complaints are that the power button is a little tricky, and some times the focus takes too long or doesn't come in at all.  If you are trying to get a quick shot, sometimes you lose it.


Galloway, OH


Canon SD890 is a great little camera


I've pretty much owned mainly Canon digital cameras and have loved every single one of them, including this one, the SD890.  It has a nice solid build and sturdy feel.  The 10 megapixels is more than enough for what I need.  Don't go by the megapixel rating too much however as that has nothing to do with how good the pictures come out.  I had a 1.2 megapixel Canon Elph in the past that blew out the picture quality of another manufacturer's camera that was 4.0 megapixel.  It has a 5x optical zoom which is high for a compact camera, 3x is the norm in this class size.  I like that it still has a viewfinder as a backup for when the sun is too bright to use the screen or if you accidentally drop it and break the screen.  Image stabilization works very well, I've tried it on and off and without it more shots come out blurry as I don't have very steady hands. As for the picture quality, it takes beautiful pictures.  Outdoor pictures are better than indoor due to better lighting.  Flash is decent, but can't expect much for a compact. The only gripe, which is minor, is the power button is difficult to press.  This can be viewed as pro though as you won't accidentally turn it on in your pocket. I love this camera and it comes with me for every occasion.  The compact size makes is effortless to bring anywhere.  I will only buy compact cameras because if I can't carry it in my pocket I'm not taking it with me.


Houston, TX


This digital camera is great to carry around


This Canon power shot is a great one to use for picture taking on the run. When i first have it i played with it alot and i liked it because they have many functions. LCD screen image is simulated. They have face detection and motion detection technology. When taking picture i can aim and zoom in to the right size that i want in a long distance about 20ft. It also has the function to fix the picture after taken. Chang color resize or brithen it up. the reason i like this camera is because it's small, easy to handle and very convenient. Before i have this one i got the big video record camer everywhere i go i have to carry with me a big bag and it's kinda heavy to carry around for a long trip. When i have this Canon PowerShot SD 890 i  don't have to carry my video record anymore because now i have this uselful camera where i can take picture and video record with the same one. So easy and convenient.


Baton Rouge, LA


Small and compact!


I recieved this camera last year for Christmas and I was so exicited! I've always wanted a camera to leave in my purse so that I'm able to take pictures wherever I go. I love to leave it in my purse because it's just so small that I can basically take it everywhere. The settings for this camera takes really nice pictures, since it makes you look basically flawless. Love, love, love. Taking shots within 20 feet is nice too!


El Monte, CA


Canon PowerShot SD890 IS - okay, but not great


Have always owned Canon digital camera's and so have other members of my family, but not sure I would buy Canon the next time.  My favorite feature is the the way the screen automactially changes the orientation of the picture on the display screen as you turn the camera for maximum viewing size of the picture.  I picked this particular camera becuase of the zoom.  However, I am disappointed.  It is bulky and is thicker than I would prefer.  The on/off button is way too small and fiddly even for my small fingers.  The camera does have a long zoom, but the quality of the pictures far away is grainy and not good.  However, it does take great pictures, especially outdoors, and from any distance from the macro close-up setting to about 12 feet away.  I like the pictures, the battery lasts a decent time.  This camera is missing the ability to warn that the battery is low - when you do get a warning there is maybe enough power left in the camera to take 1 or 2 more pictures before it is totally dead.


Arvada, CO


Best compact camera on the market


I got my camera a little over 2 weeks ago nd it never leaves my hand. The canon sd890 is an amazing camera with amazing pictures. There are many options and fun features to make sure that you are never bored and you always gt the best shot. It has a 5x zoom which is a lot for a canon and 10mp to make you pctures crystal clear. I would recommend to anyone but if not familiar with canon cameras then you will have to read the manual.


Tampa, FL


Great camera small enough to take everywhere


The Canon Powershot SD890 is a great little camera with plenty of nice features.  Perfect sie to keep in your pocket or pocketbook.  Compact and easy to hold with the button in just the right places.I've only had this camera a few days but I'm loving it and can't wait to check out the rest of it's features and modes.


Guilford, CT


Canon - PowerShot SD890 IS / IXUS 970 IS Digital Camera

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