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Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras
Canon - PowerShot SD600 Digital Camera

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Good but not great


This camera is basically why I stopped taking photos of things. I had an excellent Sony point and shoot, which eventually gave out. This ended up being its replacement but the color quality on images is very poor. If you're indoors or it's cloudy outside, your photos will look really dull and probably somewhat blurry. The flash is very white and tends to wash things out. I like my photos to be clear and colorful, and this camera just doesn't deliver in that aspect. If you're just looking for easy documentation of things, it'll do fine. I've had it for over four years now and it's still working. No parts have broken. The batteries still hold a charge. The screen is fine. So it's relatively durable. It's also very simple to use. So if those are your main criteria, this might be suitable for you, but if you're looking for high quality photos from a pocket camera, this is probably not the one you want. Image Quality If lighting isn't absolutely perfect and subjects aren't still, photos will end up dull and blurry. Performance Never encountered a malfunction. Ease of Use Most of the functions are straightforward. Durability Had it for four years and no problems. Battery Life Standard battery life. Portability Fairly slim.




Great utility camera!


Works great in close range, the zoom is a problem when taken pictures that require flash. You will want to upgrade the memory card. Image Quality As long as your close and you have enough light with the flash pictures turn out great. It is really good for outside use. Performance The video function works well. However memory fills up quickly. If you are taping a program for school it is best to record a video and take picture clips from the video instead of taking real pictures. The zoom function does not work well in auditoriums unless you are on the front row. Ease of Use Very easy to use and if you read the manual you get some great idea on how to make your shots more impressive. Durability I've had mine over 5 years now. Battery Life I love the battery charger, it charges really quick! Great when you forget to charge your camera. Portability I recommend buying a case for it. Cuts down on the ware and tare of this camera.


Lansdale, PA


Very cool Cannon digital camera


This camera is small and sleek yet takes excellent pictures. I love the bigger camera size you use to take the pictures because it gives you a broader look at what you're taking. What I dont like about the camera is that it isnt water resisitant. My camera got wet during vacation and it was ruined. I order another one just like it because I am so impressed with its feature. I would like a newer model where you can send your pics straight to an online site which would be cool. The features are varied but not so significant that you're intimidated to use any of them. There is a stable shoot so your pictures arent coming out blurry because the camera was moving too much. Overall, I love cannon digital cameras and this one wont disappoint you. Ive purchased higher SD cards so I can have all my pics on my camera and use as a slide show because the quality is so good. You will be satisfied with this camera and its basic features.


Forest Hills, NY


A great quality small camera for everyday use


A grat little camera that does it all. I have taken quite a few pics with this small camera and have not been dissapointed wiht it. It takes great clear pics and it has a great many features that I love to use.The foliage feature is just awesome as it brings out the great rich colors of the outdoors. I have not had any problems with it. It does limit you to not zooming too far as the picture becomes grainy but, a great camera for closeups and small distances. I got a great price on it a year ago and have had no regrets.


Helena, MT


Makes it easy to take great pictures.


The Canon PowerShot SD600 is a great little camera, even for beginning photographers.  Large viewing screen (for a camera its size) with great zoom capability. Takes very clear pictures. Easy to use and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.


Durham, NC


You definitely get your money's worth.


I have had my camera for over a year now and just absolutely love how great of pictures it takes.  The only thing about the camera that I don't like is that it will only date and time stamp the pictures if you have it in the postcard mode.  Otherwise, I love it and will probably stick with the Canon brand for the next higer end upgrade that I plan I purchasing within the next year.  The Power Shot line is a very excellent purchase the your money.


Pinellas Park, FL


Wonderful price quality ratio. A no brainer pocket size camera


Cost conscious digital camera for everyday use and every occasion. Excellent definition and speed for a compact camera. Nice complement to more sophisticated SLR digital camera that is more bulky. So easy to use that 5-years old can take pictures. Love the small battery pack and the SD-Card. Next geenration in the SD series are definitely a must. Better definition and still extremely pocket friendly!


Atlanta, GA


I love this camera!


I love this camera, I would highly reccommend this to anyone.  It is very easy to use. No one should pass up this offer.  There are not enough wonderful things to say about this camera.  I got it for Christmas last year and it has been wonderful since then.


Crown Point, IN


Awesome camera


This is an awesome camera. I would recommend it to everyone who just needs a camera to take pictures with, especially if you have litle ones. I have taken many great pictures of my son. My friend has a Sony and when she prints out her pictures, it doesn't compare to how great mine look. I love the look of Sony cameras, but if you're not into just buying something because it is cute, Canon cameras would be the way to go.


Crestview, FL


Great for everyday use and more!


I love my Cannon! It is perfect for every day use or if you are trying to do something professional. This camera is extremely idiot proof. I would definately suggest it to anyone who is looking for something that is not for professional use. I took mine on vacation and it was wonderful. The camera is small enough to slip in my back pocket and was very handy. I love the sleek style.


Springfield, IL


Canon - PowerShot SD600 Digital Camera

4.4 58