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Canon - PowerShot S80 Digital Camera

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Easy to use, high quality images, high quality camera!


The S80 is simply a great, high-quality, easy to use camera. I am always stunned at the high quality of the images. The large LCD screen is a huge asset as you can take pictures by looking at that instead of through a small viewfinder. This is the first digital camera my parents can easily use because of that feature alone!My family also loves the fact that you can take videos using this camera, and it has a ton of options for other types of shooting images - non-automatic, indoor/outdoor, panoramic, etc.Finally, it's just easy to use. Large LCD, large button to take the picture/video with, etc.

New York, NY


Big body, ok quality for the pictures


I'm an amature photo shooter and I use the digit camera mostly to record daily life. The S80 from canon is relatively big in its body and heavier than the ELPH series (making it a little difficult to put it in the pocket) It has the manual option to shoot photo (which I have never tried) The photo quality (8M in size) is ok, I can't tell the difference by using this camera v.s. most other digital camera. One thing I like about the camera is that it can be used as a camcorder to record a video. This camera does boast a high definition video, however, the image quality is not great either. (This is probably because I'm not a real photographer) The build itself from canon is in general sturdy and long lasting, however, I do have a little problem with the camera cover. The camera would normally zoom out when the cover is opened but once it stopped working, but later on it recovered by itself. I had another canon ELPH200 which ceased to work after some accidental drop to the floor, that's why I had this s80, and I replace it with a 14M canon camera again, so I'm basically a canon camera owner for 3 different models, the upgrade on the pixels does not really help, as I can't tell the difference. Since this model is kind of obsolete by now, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Norwalk, CT


Canon - PowerShot S80 Digital Camera

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