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Canon - PowerShot A580 Digital Camera

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Pretty good for the price


I received this camera as a gift, approximately April of 2008.  I'm still impressed that, despite its age (at least for a technology item), its features still compete well with new models.  Indeed, this camera has quite a few features, especially for the price, and thus can be as hard or as easy to use as you want it to be. Easy because it features several automatic settings, even one that is so automatic, it could be used by a child.  In fact, setting the camera to this setting makes it so that you cannot change many options at all.  That is, flash and red-eye reduction cannot be turned off, no change can be made to shutter speed, etc.  The normal auto mode allows for more changes, and the manual mode allows you to change any settings you'd like.  Additionally, the camera "remembers" the settings you use in manual mode, so if you have a set up you like, you don't have to keep making adjustments.  I appreciate this. There are several scenes available, which are supposed to optimize the settings for your particular situation - i.e. portraits, snow shots, landscapes, etc.  I haven't found them to be that exciting, though, so it's not an especially great selling point.  I do like the auto face-finder, the availability of manual shutter speed settings, and the option to take pictures in a variety of colors (vivid, sepia, B&W) and resolutions (standard - for web usage, up to superfine - for enlargements and the like; superfine makes each pic 2-3 mgs).  Another great feature, especially for a camera of this price, is the video capabilities.  It shoots decent video, with sound, for as long as you have memory. My biggest complaint with this camera is that the shutter is pretty slow, even set to its fastest speed.  It's always giving me the "low light/shaky camera" warning when inside, even when I've got pretty good natural light.  Although I often get clear enough shots anyway, they're never crisp when that warning is on.  Also, I frequently get blurry shots in low-light situations.  Certainly this is to be expected, but I feel I did get better clarity with my old 2 MP Nikon Coolpix.  Of course, the battery life is much better when compared to the Nikon, so there are tradeoffs. Overall, for the price, it's a pretty good camera with a lot of features.  I'd recommend it, especially if you're doing a lot of outside shooting or are in places with a good amount of lighting.

Tyler, TX


Canon - Powershot A580 Digital Camera is perfect for beginners


Since the pictures you take are of some of the most important happenings in your life, your camera can make or break an event and the memories of the happening. I own the little Canon- Powershot A580 digital Camera, and have owned it for several years, and i couldn't be happier. I am strictly of the point and shoot variety and this Canon-Powershot A580 Digital Camera lets me do just that. i have filled up 5 photo albums of trips and family events since I have had this camera and have never been displeased with a shot. Unless I totally mess up because it is never the cameras fault. This camera has been dropped, kicked, sat on, food spilled on it, slung in the backseat of the car like it was a book or a stuffed animal, the baby has chewed on the cord that you carry it on your wrist with, the only thing that hasn't happened to it is the fact we have managed to keep it out of the water. We love the Canon-Powershot A580 Digital Camera and will keep it for many more years to record our life and times.    

Pe Ell, WA


PowerShot A580 is an Excellent camera!


I absolutely love my Canon PowerShot A580 Digital Camera!  It has been with me through all of my great life moments thus far including the births of my two beautiful children.  I love all the different picture settings.  I can take pictures at night outside and still have the photo turn out just as good as inside with the flash on.  Works wonderfully.  I also love that the batteries are replaceable and I don't need to keep a charger around to know that my camera will work.  It is also nice that I have a large enough screen to view the picture on.  It may not be very big but you can still see if the picture is worth keeping or not!   Another feature I love is that I can use the cord I bought to plug it right into my computer to upload all my pics to my laptop.  They upload all the pics which is usually over a 100 at a time in less that 5 mins and then I can do what I wish with them.  I also really enjoy that the camera is lightweight.  It is easy to hold and has a nice zoom to get up close for those goofy shots of the kiddos!

Evansville, WI


Canon - PowerShot A580 Digital Camera

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