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Canon - PowerShot A530 Digital Camera

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Great little camera


I received this camera a year ago and find it to be really easy to use and the pictures come out great. With a 4 optical zoom , I get the pictures I want at the price I can afford. The camera is small enough to fit inside my purse so I can carry it with me and not miss those important candid shots while out playing with my kids. It has a variety of settings that are easily changed to suit your needs.One negative, which I have found with most of my digital cameras though, is that it eats batteries really bad. Other than that I have no complaints about this one.


Deltona, FL


Great camera for an amateur


This is my second Canon supershot and i just love it!.  I am an amateur photographer and it is so easy to use this camera.  The pictures come out great.  I love the timing feature the most.  You can set the timer and take a million pictures.  The pictures come out great and it is so easy to download them to my laptop.  There are alot of features to use on this camera that will make taking pictures a blast for everyone.  Easy to use and fun for the entire family.  A great gift to put under the christmas tree this year.


Cane Ridge, TN


Great hassle free, point and shoot camera.


I got this camera because I wanted a camera that took nice pictures and would fit in my purse easily. We travel alot and take alot of pictures. I didn't want a camera that would be a hassle to operate. The pictures really look great. The only bad thing is that there is a long delay. I have missed some great shots because of it. For the price, it really has been worth it.


Oak Ridge, NJ


Takes excellant quality photos!


This wonderful little camera takes absolutely wonderful photos. Your images come out clear and the color perfect and crisp. I love the easy to see image finder and all the wonderful features it has to offer. I would recommend this camera to everyone!!!


Houston, TX


Easy to use, great quality of pictures for great price."


I love the quality of pictures with lots of details and beautiful, live colors. Camera is easy to use, you don't need the manual to figure things out just play with icons which are self-explainable. Download to the computer takes a while but it's easy too and it is compatible with many programs so the computer is able to read the device attached to it. One downside is: you will bankrupt on batteries so better but the rechargeable ones.


Centereach, NY


Great camera, flexible, excellent quality


Great quality camera that holds up.  My kids (5 & 7) can use it and not have it break down.  Also, a lot of digitals have a long delay or lag between shot and flash, not this canon.  I have purchased other digital cameras that have not had the same features or flexibility that this camera has.  The viewing screen is really helpful as well and can be flipped in or out.  It also has a movie feature!


Saddle River, NJ


perfect pictures, perfect price


Canon A30 Digital camera is one of my greatest investments. I did not spend a lot of money and I am the happiest girl of the planet with this camera, It has fallen, toddler gets it to take pictures, its in my bag always, its handy and it always works, batteries last a lot of time, pictures are pretty, videos had a lot of quality and I dont know why I didnt buy it before! Its so easy to use, and the options are great, the quality and the computer compatibility makes me happier to have choosen this item. My kids grandparents are really happy to receive pictures from their grandsons peridically and its so easy to do it. My best gift for mothers day was this camera and I apreciate every memory Im keeping from my babies. This moments are a blessing and this camera helps me with them. Im sure that if something happends to this camera, I will buy another one exaxtly as this one. The qualityis so great I can see the pores in the faces when I zoom!! That is excelent quality, NO? And I dont use any bag to keep it, I just have it in my diaper bag always and its in great condition! what else can I ask for? No better options! I need something that is not delicate and hard to use.  Simple and great results. This camera has it all. Thanks to canon and their tech support. Manuals come in english, spanish and french, Cd for mac and pc and all the needed cables. Also the great option of using rechargable batteries makes life easier and less expensive. I just need my own printing studio to keep my memories handy and in albums, I love to share this way and coment pictures that are printed.  


Hidalgo, TX


Canon A530 is a very longlasting camera!


I love my Canon A530. This camera has lasted me almost 5 years now. I bought it primarily for the cost, and the fact that it was one of few cameras with an actual viewfinder. I have found in outdoor light sometimes the display screens on digital cameras are hard to see, so you do not know what you are taking a picture of. This camera has an actual viewfinder to remedy that problem. It has digital and optical zoom, which I think are both very good quality. The digital zoom does get pixely, but that's when you zoom in 15x. This camera is sturdy and has handled being carted around in a purse for years. The buttons are easy to find and maneuver and the pictures are easy to scroll through. It plugs right into the computer for easy downloading. I do find there is a lag sometimes in picture taking, but I believe that has to do with the quality settings. The video capture is also decent for the level of camera!


Washington, KS


Decent camera since the price is right.


I chose the Canon Power Shot A530 for my first digital camera, primarily because I trusted the Canon brand and the price was affordable for an amatuer first-time camera. So far, I have been pleased with its performance (for 5 years). It is easy to use, intuitive, and has all the basic needs for simple, day-to-day photography. There are a few cons, however, that I will definitely take into account if I ever purchase another point-and-shoot camera. First, the time it takes between pictures is too long for my taste. It seems like you have to wait forever for the camera to be ready to take another picture. Which means photographing babies/kids, action shots, or even large groups that are getting antsy, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. The quality of the photos are decent--no amazing award-winning photographs here, but good for documentation and even perhaps a wall picture or two. All in all, this is a decent choice. It has been durable and great for photographing me and my family. I like the timer option, the viewfinder + viewscreen, and the memory card options. Cons are the size (a tad bit bulky), the battery life, and the picture processing time.


Anchorage, AK


Canon Powershot A530 is HORRIBLE for indoor shots


This camera takes nice pictures outside, but that is pretty much all you can say for it. It takes okay snapshots if you are standing a ways away from your subject. However, if you are taking a photo of someone's face it rarely focuses well. The auto focus confuses itself and spazzes out, or it selects the wrong thing to focus on. You're supposed to be able to use it to select what you want to focus on, hold the button half way down, then move the camera to get the shot you want so not every shot has to be centered. It doesn't work! It does sometimes, but most of the time it refocuses itself on something totally unimportant. Taking pictures indoors without the flash is impossible! I have very bright lights in my living room, but if I try to take the pic without the flash they ALWAYS come out blurry. So if you try to use the flash to get a headshot the flash washes everything out! I try lowering the brightness of the flash, and again, the picture is too dark. I'm very frustrated with this camera and do not recommend it to anyone. Then, if you use the flash it takes FOREVER to be able to take another. You lose so many cute shots of kids with this camera. The weird thing is, my batteries last forever in this camera and I see that a lot of other people say it eats them.


Pensacola, FL


Canon - PowerShot A530 Digital Camera

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