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Canon - PowerShot A460 Digital Camera

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Good basic camera


The pictures I took on this camera came out crystal clear. It is not one of canon's better models, however I found that it works superior to other better models. My only problem with this camera is that it is a little bit bulky. The Powershot SD models are much slimmer and sleeker looking. Image Quality I find that my pictures are crystal clear. Performance There is a bit of a delay when you take the picture, which can sometimes be annoying if you are trying to catch a picture of a child that moves. Ease of Use It's very easy to use, even if you are not tech saavy! Durability It held up for a couple of years already. Battery Life I tend to have to carry extra batteries along with the camera. Portability It is a bit bulky.




standard batteries:good, reasonably good average camera


The best thing about the camera is that it uses standard AA batteries.  Cameras that use special batteries are a pain in the neck.  Another good thing is that the battery life is fine.  I have another camera that can only shoot about 10 shots then needs to rest and then can only shoot a few more.  Even if you turn off the flash, the life is short.  This camera is different. The bad thing is that there is no viewfinder, just a screen.  But most cameras are like this now. Downloading is average so it would be nice to have an AC adaptor but they are hard to find in any camera. People with bad vision or are senile may have a hard time using this camera.  This camera also doesn't let you fiddle too much with f-stops and shutter speed, which is too bad. The camera is small so it's easy to carry.  However, it's not small enough so you can't sneak the camera into a restricted area unless you want to get arrested.


Kirkland, WA


The Canon digital camera takes the best pics with ease.


The Canon A460 is a digital camera that is so easy to operate. I love the quality of the pictures that it produces. It also has a zoom feature that makes it nice for close ups. Also have to say that it is about the perfect size to carry. Not too small and not bulky at all. The color of the pictures I take are very important to me as well as the clarity. I take my Canon everywhere I go and then just easily download my pictures onto the computer to save. I also have the option of taking them to the photo shop for print outs pictures. I would buy another one if I ever needed to.


Moriarty, NM


I've found much better cameras for the same price.


We received this camera as a gift and have been disappointer with it so far. We didn't want anything spectacular, but this camera has problems doing even the simplest things. The delay between the time you can take pictures is too long as the camera "charges the flash." This also means it goes through batteries fast that most cameras. It also fails to focus on anything a lot of the time and the pictures turn out blurry. I like the size and weight of the camera, but usually prefer a slight curve where your hand holds the camera. This camera is perfectly square instead. The price isn't bad, but I think that there are quite a few better models on the market. Usually I'm very happy with Canon's products, but this one feels just a bit too cheap and isn't well made. I would say it's fine for a fall back camera, but I would hate to have it as the only camera to take on a vacation. The menu is very easy to use and navigate.


Indianapolis, IN


I would recommend the Canon Powershot A460.


I really like my Powershot A460. It works really well. What i like about it are the settings you can have on the camera. You have settings for scenery, portraits, a regular picture, and it also takes pretty good videos. The pictures it takes look really well, and I am always impressed.   Even though I love my camera, I wish they could have fixed some things before selling it. If you were to take a video, the sound isn't very good. You would have to turn it up really loud and even then it wouldn't work as well. Now for the camera part. It takes good pictures, but it doesn't do well in the dark even with the flash. It just looks really wierd. It also can't take in direct sunlight because the picture will turn out funny. This camera also used up batteries really quickely. My main complaint is that it takes forever for it to load the picture, and you can't take another one until it's done doing that.   All in all it's a wonderful camera. I know the complaint side is a lot longer that the good side, but that's because i explained more, knowing that that's probably what you were looking for.


Ankeny, IA


One of the best inexpensive digital cameras on the market


This is such a great camera. Everyone in our family uses it and it's being used ALL the time! The settings are extremely easy to use and quality is fantastic! It's really a great camera for the price! One of my favorite features in the super macro mode - it takes unbelievable photos at close range. I have used this camera to photograph family events, items that I've sold online, outside photos, inside photos - the quality is outstanding. It works great even in low light. I also like that it has optional auto flash and auto focus settings for times when you need them. It also has a "kids and pets" setting that works great for actions shots! It helps get rid of those blurry photos! It's lightweight - I usually carry it in my purse so that it's always with me, and it's a small but powerful camera! My only suggestion is to purchase an additional memory card for it. I definitely recommend this camera!


Delphos, KS


great camera for a beginner!


This camera (Canon PowerShot A460) is a great camera for beginners!  It is extremely easy to use and not confusing in the least!  I am looking to upgrade soon, but this camera has lasted me about two years.  It was my first camera and I still love it.  There is a 4x digital zoom, a user friendly menu and the buttons are simple.  There is a medium size view screen and the zoom works pretty well.  If you're looking for an amazing zoom feature, this camera may not be for you... but If you're an average camera user that is looking for a simple, easy-to-use and durable camera, you should definitely try the Canon PowerShot A460.  It takes 2 double AA batteries and is easy to hook up to the computer to transfer files.  I use an online photo service, so I upload the photos onto my computer, put them online and then have them shipped to me!  It's so easy and the uploading process for this camera is so simple!  If you're looking for your first camera, this is the perfect one!  If you're a more advanced camera user, I would try another Canon.


Toledo, OH


Very easy to use


The Canon Power A460 is awesome.  It takes really good pictures and is very easy to use.  One thing to get used to is that the on/off button is next to the shutter button so sometimes I hit the wrong button and miss the shot.  It would be nice if this button was not so close.  A lot of the pictures that I take are for mystery shopping trips and I have to resize the pictures to send them to the company but it is very easy.


Sanborn, MN


Nice clear pictures and easy to use.


Cannon powershot a470, they didn't have this one on the list so I took the next one down, this one is slilghtly better in that it zooms farther.  You have many options with this camera and the picture is so clear.  With the help of the camera you can choose the type of picture you want to take wether it be a fine detailed picture or a normal looking one.  When taking pictures of small stuff it helps to have the fine options as it can read titles to you more and recognize the small stuff. Another feature is that it has an automatic flash that goes off when your in a certain lighting area, but you can also choose to have it turned off if you would like.  It also has red eye correction on the camera.  What can I say about that but no more red eye pictures.  You can zoom up to 14 times with this camera, it has a 7.1 mega pixels.  Battery used and when they say lithium batteries last longer, let me tell you they do.  All around we have like this camera a lot.


Marshall, WI


Love it - easy to use, takes good pictures, not too expensive.


This is really a great little camera - 5 megapixels, so the pictures aren't grainy.  It is extremely simple to use in the "auto" mode, but also has many features available for manual manipulations. The software that comes with it is very user-friendly, I just have to plug the cord in to the camera and computer, and it practically runs itself. I pretty much always use the auto mode, then do my manipulations in the software program after the fact.  I love the easy review of each picture on the LCD screen after I take it to see if I'll keep that one or not. It takes AA batteries, but I am finding I have to change them quite often, so I am looking to get rechargeables.  Overall, this is not too expensive as digital cameras go, but with how easy it is to use and high quality of pictures, this is not a "cheap" camera.


Grants Pass, OR


Canon - PowerShot A460 Digital Camera

4.0 10