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Canon - PowerShot A420 Digital Camera

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My Canon Powershot's portable and so functional. Great pictures!


I love my Canon powershot.  It was extremely reasonably priced, it's small but very sturdy.  The pictures are wonderful and clear.  One reason I chose this camera was because my son plays sports.  The camera seems to 'follow' well...without blurring, that is.  The zoom focuses well and really captures those 'moments' that you don't really want to miss!  The faces he makes when he's playing are hilarious...the intensity level is captured quite well.  I'm very happy with the camera.  I love to take pictures and my camera really enhances my experience!

Canton, MI


The perfect camera for the non-experienced photographer!


The Canon Powershot is the first digital camera I've ever had.  I got it as a gift for my last birthday, after using an older style of camera.  (You know, the kind with actual film inside!)  At first, I was a little wary of it because I am not very techy.  However, after one afternoon getting used to it, I was very comfortable with it!  It is SO easy to use, takes great photos and I love the compact size.  It's easy to figure out the different features because there are little pictures on the dial.  It's easy to delete what needs deleting, and I've even figured out how to use the video feature!  The quality of the photos, once I've downloaded them onto my computer, is quite good.  I am impressed with what I can do with this camera-- esp. because it is so affordable!  I made sure my family didn't spend too much on my gift-- and they promised they didn't.  My mom actually went out and bought one for herself recently because she liked mine so much.  I would def. recommend it, and might even get one as a gift for my sister this holiday.

Montclair, NJ


Canon - PowerShot A420 Digital Camera

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