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Canon PIXMA iP6600D InkJet Photo Printer

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super clear pictures


i was surprised the first time i printed a picture from this printer. it was clear. it's perfect for printing when i want the picture right away. i wished the cartridge were cheaper though. because even though it prints awesome pictures, it's still cheaper to order prints online.

Bristol, TN




this is a wonderful photo printer!! the best i have seen. the pics look like they were printed at a shop. clear color. love the features. croping. reduces red eye. love the individual inks. (a little pricey) but dont have to get a new cartridge if just one color of the several is out!! i definitely recomment this printer.

Lowell, MI


Not to impressed.


We have had this printer for a while now, and I'm pretty disappointed in it.  The ink is is divided up into seperaate colors and that makes it nice but the problem is they are so expensive and only 1 store about 20 miles away carries the ink for it.  While it prints good pictures I myself just can't get past the ink usage and cost.  It is actually cheaper to send pictures to a third party to get them printed and sent to you.  If you are willing to pay for the ink or have a vendor near by that sells it, then this printer works great and prints great photos.  But there are other printer out there with better ink economy that will print photos just as good.  It also seems that no matter what you print, the cyan seems to run out the most.  So make sure you stock up on it.  They should have given it a bigger container. I wouldn't really recommend this printer to my friends or family, I would advise them to do better research than I did.

Bellevue, NE


Best Printer So Far


I had bought this print at a yard sale for only twenty bucks and haven't regretted it yet.  I hadn't bought all the ink for it yet but it isn't that pricey.  You can buy a system for this print that is called a Continuous Ink System (CIS) for fairly cheap.  Although this printer does not drink the ink down like most, the quality is awesome on it though.  It has alot of features that I look for in a print and is able to print from the top or the bottom, which is really cool.  The print quality is great for black and color document.  The speed is fast enough to make most happy.  For quality I look for how much ink it would actually drink, and for this printer it last a while with a new cartridge.   Most people would not be disappointed in the quality and durability of this printer.  Especially if you can find one at a decent price.  I had always downloaded my drivers and software from online which always worked better for me.  

Fort Riley, KS


not very impressed


I purchased my Pixma may of 2007. The scanner bar would turn sideways rather than staying straight. Canon replaced the printer they have terrific customer service but I would not buy another Canon printer. I used HP for years and never had a problem. My son also has a Pixma and his also had to be replaced for a different problem. Uses ink very fast even when just using black for regular printing

Seattle, WA


Canon PIXMA iP6600D InkJet Photo Printer

3.4 5