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Canon PIXMA iP1600 Color Printer

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The Canon Pixma Ip1600 does everything I need it to do!


I got the Canon Pixma ip1600 printer as a freebie with another computer purchase and was unsure about it's reliability or how easy it would be to operate.  This is the best printer I never purchased!  The ink cartridges are easy to change.  It prints quickly and simply.  Even without a paper tray, the pages come out clean and in order.  Paper loads in the back and it takes up a remarkably small area.  I have a very small home office and only need the basic printing features of a heavy duty and reliable printer and this one fits the bill.  I don't have a lot of room on my desk and it fits that bill better than any printer I've ever owned!  Also, I print quite a few envelopes and it has no problem loading the thickest of business sized envelopes and printing them with no problem.  I'm not sure what this printer sells for in a retail application, but even if it were a pricier model, it would definitely be worth the extra money for the ease, convenience, and space-saving features.  A great buy!

Yadkinville, NC


Reliable and efficient printer!


The canon pixma iP 1600 is a reliable printer.  It is efficient and the print quality is very good.  I have been using it everyday for the past two years without any complaints whatsoever.   Replenishing the ink is also fairly simple.  Love my trusty printer!

Troutdale, OR


Good printer, expensive ink


Good printer the only problem with it is that it is hard to find ink that isn't Canon so it is very expensive.  Also the paper tends to fly off the desk because there is no real tray to catch anything.

Hyannis, MA


Canon PIXMA ip1600 produces impressive photo & it's a good value


The Canon PIXMA iP1600 Photo Printer is adaptable yet simple to use and it produces some high quality pictures and documents. I purchased this printer for little or nothing about 3 years ago from a office supply store.  I did not expect it to produce such high quality documents and photos, yet it totally surpassed my expectations. There reason I purchased this printer is that it was cheap and I needed one I could transport with me as I took classes online and I had to travel.  It was light enough and portable enough that it did what I needed.  After 3 years it is still produces a quality prooduct and it is very reliable. It prints photos, envelopes, documents, etc and does a quality job with all.   The only problems I have had with this printer is that there is not a tray to catch the printed pages as they come out of the printer, so they will fall where they may; this can be a bit furstrating at times. And, the cartridge capacity seems to be extremely small, I would like to see a high capacity cartridge. I am sure the capacity of the cartridge has a lot to do with the quality of the documents as they are printed. 

Columbus, GA


Great little printer!


Definately a good buy. Inexpensive, reliable, cheap & easy to use, easy to set up, good for a wide variety of projects, great software & additional website add-ons. No cons I have found! This is a great little printer. I was lucky enough to get it free with a computer package and we really didn't need it. Set it up anyway and now it is my favorite. I have 2 other expensive printers that aren't as reliable as this one. It is fast, prints great pictures even though it isn't a "photo" printer, and doesn't use much ink. Mine has been telling me it is low on color ink for about a month now and still it goes on printing away. My epson by comparison just shuts down if even one ink tank is remotely starting to get low. We've had it and used it for about 2 years now on a weekly if not daily basis and it is still going strong. I consistently switch back to this one when I have problems with the others. This was not a ver expensive printer to buy at several area retail stores I checked. When this one finally dies I have another in the box (that I already purchased because I wanted to make sure I could get another one!) ready to go. I am so happy with this Canon that I will look to buy more Canon priducts in the future.

Sylvania, OH


Canon PIXMA iP1600 Color Printer

4.0 5