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Canon PIXMA Wireless Photo All-In-One Printer MP980

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butifull canon


Great printer, but you pay 10X the printer in ink costs


I received this printer for free (after mail-in rebate) with the purchase of my MacBook from the Apple store.  It scans & prints great.  The problem is that it uses SO MUCH ink.  I rarely, rarely print anything in color, and when I do, it's a color copy of a photo.  I was having to replace the ink cartridge (for colors like magenta) all the time. And, it won't let me do anything, like scan, if ink is out.  Canon has realized that its real money is in the ink cartridges & it gets your money that way.

Minneapolis, MN


Canon MP980 Has Amazing Picture Quality


I purchased the MP980 (the older model of the MP990) about two and a half years ago from Amazon. Before purchasing this printer I researched printers like crazy. I finally decided on this one for a few reasons; the most important being that it had copying, scanning, and printing without fax (who uses a fax machine anymore). When I first received it, I was surprised by how large the printer was. Before purchasing make sure you have space on your desk for this behemoth. I easily setup the printer via USB cable and installed the ink cartridges that came with it. After a simple installation via the included CD, I was off and running. The controls are the best I've ever used on a multifunction printer. All processes can be accessed via the controls. The LCD screen is large and bright so I can see what I'm selecting. Standard paper goes into the bottom of the printer and photo paper feeds into the back of the printer. I'm not a super genius when it comes to printers but the scanning and printing quality produced by the Canon MP980 is excellent. The only problem I have with this printer is the massive amount of ink it consumes. That is the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. However, high ink consumption seems to be indicative of all multifunction printers these days.

Vancouver, WA


Superb picture quality


The Canon Pixma MP980 is an excellent printer for all your printing needs. The MP980 prints pictures with superior quality. The range of colors from vibrant reds to deep blues and soft yellows is excellent. The Mp 980 is a three in one printer. The color copier has outstanding resolution that can pick up even the slightest detail or change in corol. I was also shocked by the scanner. I usuall cannot stand using scanners but the MP980 is excellent. Now must be honest though. There are some downsides. The MP980 is a ink eating machine. This bad boy will suck up so much ink that it is ridiculous. The second hing which a lot of people find bothersome but I like is the cleaning cycle that the MP980 will run through everyonce in a while. It does take a couple minutes. Howeve I like that because it makes me more confident in my printer. I figure if it takes that long to clean is must be doing a darn good job. The MP980 is wifi however you are unable to scan via wifi. Therefore I have the MP980 hooked up to my laptop directly via USB.

Capitola, CA


Canon PIXMA Wireless Photo All-In-One Printer MP980

3.8 4