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Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 InkJet Photo Printer

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good quality


this printer prints great quality pictures and it isnt that expensive. i use it to print just about everything. also a nice thing is that it isnt too difficult to find generic ink catridges for it which arent too expensive and work pretty well. i dont print that much so having expensive ink wouldnt impact me much but cheap ink is always nice. while it is kind of disappointing that it doesnt scan and copy like a lot of printers now a days, it is a photo printer and it does its only job very well to print high quality pictures. setting it up was very very very easy as well and was pretty much plug and play on my laptop. also it works well on my airport to turn the printer into a wireless printer so that i dont actually have to be connnected to the printer to use it. i like the printer a lot and it does everything i ask it to. it also should last a really long time beacuse canon is a good brand and normally makes good products

Union City, CA


Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 InkJet Photo Printer

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