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Canon PIXMA Photo All-in-One Printer MP500

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Average photo printer, ink is too expensive


I have the Canon PIXMA mp500 All-in-One Printer for about three years now.  The canon pixma mp500 is a photo inkjet printer it used the standard four color system, a flatbed scanner, and also a copier.  The canon pixma mp500 is multifunction printer which also has the ability to print photos without having to be on the computer.  The mp500 all in one printer is designed for families and photo hobbyists, but the down side of the canon pixma mp500 is that it does not have a fax machine feature in it, so this all in one is not making for the office.  The printing speed is pretty good, the quality is okay for document printing but I would recommend getting a laser printer if you have many office documents to print but the printing for photos are amazing, the photos I print out look like it have been print professionally. The all in one printer is not a little machine, it is huge so if you need a portable printer this is not your machine, the printer itself weigh around 21 pounds. The LED screen is very useful when you are printing without a computer, the pixma mp500 have a usb located in front of the printer, you can insert a usb drive or a usb cable connect through your camera, and it can be printed directly without having to turning on the computer. Overall I would not recommend people getting this all in one printer, there are so many better options on the market today, that do a whole more for cheaper.

Oklahoma City, OK


The Canon Pixma MP500 prints nice photos


We have owned the Canon Pixma MP500 for several years now and have found it to be a reliable document and photograph printer. It scans and copies documents accurately and prints in good time.  Having the copy feature is invaluable if you have school children with school forms or need to copy mailed requests. This printer prints very nice quality photographs with print to edge capability.  We have several photographs framed in our home printed with this printer. It does take up a bit more space than other printers, but it also has double-sided print capability.  That has been handy several times to save paper. It uses separate ink cartridges for the colors, so you do not waste one color after running out of another. The paper tray could hold more paper for my taste, but generally it has enough capacity for the normal household (ours was one with a high schooler and a college student at one time).

Auburn, IL


Easy and multifaced printer/copier, with exceptional competance.


I have owned and operated the Canon PIXMA MP500 for a few years. This printer, scanner, copier, has been a exceptional tool for me in my home office. The quality of controls available are great, and the ease of use lends to the fact that  with a matter of pushing 2 buttons, you can copy, scan and print ANYTHING. My family has utilized this printer for various projects. It has abounded to make many great color photographs (with amazing speed and quality). The graphic resolution is astounding, not only for photographs, but for simple graphic detail as well. I have used it to scan and save important document to save in computer file to save to CD and PDF. When sending these files to others, comments have been --wow it looks like the original. How do you do it.? Recently I had to download, print, scan, save to pdf, and send out over 100 pages and the aparatice never missed a beat. If I ever have to replace it I would be lost.

Green Bay, WI


Canon PIXMA Photo All-in-One Printer MP500

4.0 3