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Canon PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printer MP240

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Slow to start, but then fine


I got this printer at a good price along with my laptop last year, and it works fine, but it is slow and noisy at start-up and when it reloads paper.  I like that it has a built in scanner, because that allows me to work on a paid project part-time from home.  I noticed that white paper shows up off-white and I have to edit so it doesn't print that way.  It works well for documents and pictures, so I can't complain other than the slow and noisy start-up and when it readjusts after taking out the paper to print double sided.  I wish I had gotten a wireless printer/scanner instead since I use it with a laptop that I'd rather not have in this room when it's time to print or scan.  I haven't needed to change the ink yet, but I do more scanning than printing.  It works well if you turn it on before you need it and leave it on until you're sure you're done. Performance It takes a while starting up, but then performs well. I don't really use it enough to be a good judge. Maybe I should have waited to take this survey after scanning and printing pictures, which I plan to do soon. Ink/Paper Use I've bought ink twice since purchasing this years ago. I wasn't using it much though. My dad moved it to his desk and has been using it since his printer has a paper jam we can't find. I don't remember ever having a paper jam with my printer. The only reason we got the printer is because is was on sale special with my laptop. We already had a printer, so I didn't use this one as much. We're starting to use it more now because of the other printer's unfound paper jam. Design I think it makes too much noise starting up.


Tucker, GA


This Canon PIXMA Printer has been a surprisingly good printer


I bought the Canon PIXMA MP240 because of the low price with low expectations of its quality, and I have been very surprised at how good of a printer it has been to date.  I have had much more expensive printers that performed considerably less efficient than this Canon printer.  I consider this printer to be a very good value for the money I spent, and I consider it money well spent. The printer was the easiest I have ever experienced to set up.  It took less than five minutes and has worked great ever since.  This is not a sophisticated printer with mulitiple functions by any means.  It is a basic printer for simple printing task which is exactly what my needs are, therefore  I highly recommend this printer for anyone with basic printing needs.  This model is attractive, and reasonably compact, and has served its purpose well.  I am unable to think of any problems I have has with the Canon PIXMA MP240 Printer since I bought it.  


Sparta, TN


Nice All in One printer, but expensive ink cartridges


I love this  canon all in one printer, scanner, copier until it comes time to buy new ink cartridges.  Like most printers, the ink cartrideges are a complete rip off.  I could buy a new printer for less than it costs me to buy the ink cartridges.  The functionality of this printer has been flawless.  It is super easy to use, and does fast, quality work.  I haven't had a single problem with it.  It is about the normal size for an all in one printer as I have seen. We don't have a very big computer desk, but this fits just fine.  I have loved having a scanner and copier along with my printer too.  The buttons on the printer are all really easy to figure out,very user friendly.  Despite how pleased I have been with it's perfomance I know that we will be replacing this printer with another printer once the ink runs out again.  We will be looking for a printer that has ink that is a little more budget friendly. 


Las Vegas, NV


new and improved


We upgraded our  old printer with this one, and it's so much easier to use.  The old one was not reliable and so slow.  This one is totally user friendly, even for someone who it's computer literate, like me!  I would recomend it to anyone who wants something fast and easy and reliable.


Center Line, MI


Great printer for the price


After many years of service, our old printer just wasn't compatible with my new Hewlett Packard laptop. Since we did not want to spend a great deal after having just purchased the laptop, we looked for an on sale quality printer.  This one is easy to use and has photo capability along with fax, scanning, and copying.  It is easy for this not very handy tech-challenged right brainer to use.     I have had to replace the printer cartridges and managed to do this without too much difficulty. There is great information about the printer, its use and trouble shooting,  downloaded on to your computer when you register the product.  I have found the copies clear and have had no problems with paper jams or other difficulties.    I have not used the fax, but appreciate the scanner and copier so I don't have to use my husband's for these functions.  My only complaint is that the ink cartridge information is hidden somewhere in all this great information.  All they need to do is add this, on the front, so you know exactly what to buy when you run out. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this product.


Urbandale, IA


canon printer is good for the price


I needed a printer that i could use for my school needs and the cannon pixma mp240 printer was a great option for the price I had in mind. I was hoping to get a good basic printer but then i saw this one and i had to have it. it is very easy to set up and install and even easier to use. It is so easy to use that my preschooler has figured out how to do it. setting it up took all of 15 minutes (that includes installing the software on both my computers) and in no time i was able to get to work. the ink cartrages are very easy to change out and the paper has yet  to jam on me (and that includes when my daughter uses it.) the built in copier/scanner works very well too. i did have a problem learning how to save the scanned items but once i found where i put the instructions that came with the printer i was able to figure out what i did wrong. the only thing i dislike about the printer is that it takes up more room on my desk than i had hoped. but considering its versitality i can live with that small problem.


Waukegan, IL


Great All in one printer!


I got this printer in a bundle package with my PC purchase last year, and have been very happy with it.  The only problem I had was an error message one (E3 I believe) that said it was jammed.  I couldn't see anything in the printer, but after putting a piece of cardstock through the paper feed, a comb fell out, and it works perfectly again!    


Orem, UT


The Canon PIXMA MP240 printer is good.


This printer is a good bargain for the money.  The print quality is clear.  Pictures print nicely on it too.  They are pretty clear.  This printer is also a photocopy machine which has proved to come in very handy with school projects, extra activities and even recipes!  This printer is great and I would purchase one just like it again.


Lancaster, OH


Canon PIXMA MP240 Printer is really nice.


Out of all the printer I have owned the Canon Pixma MP240 is the best one I have used for printing photos. I have used a Brothers, HP, and another one. All were okay but this one has the best picture quality I think. I also like the way it looks. I think it is very stylish. The color is nice as well kind of a very lite gray color with black trim. The Canon Pixma MP240 offers a flat bed scanner on top wich is nice. You don't have to load the photo you want scanned in the back or anything just lay it flat o the glass and close the lid for a perfect scan. The Canon also offers a USB port, and memory card slots. This makes it easy to get your photos from the camera. Very covenant for those that are not computer savvy, or who have lots of photos to print. The Canon PIXMA MP240 also comes with a CD that has an on screen manual, an easy-photo print program, MP Navagator Ex, etc. All these programs are easy to use. They take you step-by-step on how to use the softwear. Point and click your way to great photos with many photo sizes, styles, and photo enhancers like removing red eye, and croping photos. This printer offers a lot. It even has a flip up screen on it. You can view the photos on it before you print them. Look on the printer menu to copy, scan, print photos, photo index sheet, check the ink volume, set devices such as date display and other configurations, and preform maintenance in stead of useing the computer to do it you do it from the printer itself. The Printer can be used online and off-line if you wish. I reccomend trying this printer out I think it is a good buy.


San Jose, CA


frustrated by canon pixma mp240 all in one printer


My canon pixma mp240 all in one printer worked great for couple months.  Now paper jams and printer goes to Error.  No help from any online sites unless they want more money.  Canon not helpful, will try store I bought it from but not hopeful.


Pasadena, MD


Canon PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printer MP240

3.5 11