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Canon PIXMA Office All-In-One Printer MP830

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Good Printer


We purchased this printer for me after my lexmark died.  I was not sure I wanted to go with a different brand as I like my lexmark.  But this Canon is a great improvement.  My husband got a Canon with a computer he purchased and really like it.  It had good color and printed nicely.  I like the all in one as it is nice to be able to photocopy at home.  The flatbed on it is a nice size.  The cover is a little hard to work with at times but is fine one the item is in.  Printing from my computer is very easy.  It also scans nicely. Very easy to read and easy to send.   My son like to make copies of his artwork and it is easy enough for him to use also.  I have printed some photos with it and they come out very nice.  On photo paper it is hard to tell the difference from ones printed at wal-mart.   It does take 5 different ink tanks.  These are not always easy to find at our local office supply store as they stock more of the hp inks.  But online they are easy to find.  One thing I don't like about the printer is when a color has run out example red and you try to print in black and white it won't let you until you have replaced the ink that has run out even though none of that ink is need for the print.  Ease of Use Works well with my mac book pro

Portland, OR


Canon Pixma MP830 Is A Life Saver For Me


I purchased this Canon Pixma MP830 all-in-one ink-jet printer because I needed a printer that could copy, scan, print photos and fax.  I have to do a lot of paperwork for my parents with their medical bills and other statements.  It has really saved me a lot of time, gas and driving to the local copy shop.  I have even been able to scan old photos to save on my Scan-disk, print or email to others.  I have printed out pictures that were a very good quality that I have framed that look like prints that were purchased!  I am not a wizard at computers, but I have been able to do more than I ever thought I could with this printer.  I can copy two sided also.  I cover the printer with a heavy towel to keep the ink from drying out quickly, as I had this problem with my last printer.  This printer has an automatic document feeder, prints 9600 x 2400 color dpi w/microsopic droplets as small as 1 picoleter using fine print head technology, energy star qualified, built in 2 sided printing/copying & second paper tray for convenient paper selections, fast printing up to 30 ppm black/42 ppm color and a photo lab quality borderless 4" x 6" photo in approximately 36 seconds.  I have not had any problems with this printer after one year of use.  I would recommend this product.  Check out Canon's website for further information.

Oxford, OH


Great printer, efficient use of ink, affordable!


This is a great printer for everyday use, as well as photo printing.  I have been pleased with the quality of the output, even when set on the draft setting for everyday printing.  I usually use a higher quality output when printing photos.  The ink cartridges are separated into three different colors, as well as two different blacks, and this feature keeps the cost lower when having to replace them, which is different from printers where you have one color cartridge all combined. I also frequently use the fax, copy, and scan features of the product, and have been nothing but pleased with their results as well. I had been a sworn believer in only HP printers for a long time, but this Canon printer has certainly turned me around to realize there are other printers just as good in quality and price as HP.  I highly recommend this printer for everyday users as well as those who wish to print photos at home!

Portage, MI


Uses more ink than any other copier I've owned!


In the past, the company I work for had a Canon all-in-one copier.  It worked good, was simply to run and lasted for about 5 years.   When it came time to get a new copier, I figured that I couldn't go wrong if I bought another Canon product.  I purchased the Canon PIXMA MP830 and really have not been happy with it.   For one, it has 2 black cartridges and 3 color cartridges.  If any cartridge is empty, there are numerous steps you have to go through in order to get the printer to print.  I very seldom use any of the color cartridges and have, in fact, set the default to print in black regardless of the original copy.  Yet, my color cartridges run out quickly and replacements are costly!   Many times the papers I am trying to copy get caught up when they are coming through the machine and consequently the paper is damaged, so I have to print another copy which is a waste of money. For the money, I don't think it is a great deal!       

Murrells Inlet, SC


works like it should


We have been a satisfied user of the Canon PIXMA MP830 all-in-one printer for about 2 years.My son who is tech-savvy recommended this printer to us and he never leads us wrong.The printer is avarage size and heft.I would not mind if it were a bit lighter.The printing process is simple and smooth with the copies of excellent quality.The process of changing ink is fairly simple.One of the exciting features of the prinetr is its fax capability which does expose one issue i have with the printer.I did not know one could have a fax capability with a printer for a reasonable price but Canon provides it for sure.I do use the fax to send certain vouchers out and it has worked very well.The issue is that even our son cannot figure out how to receive a fax.The instructions on this have not enabled him or us to see how we can do this.This is a major issue with me.I am very happy though to have a 100% dependable copier as well as a machine that faxes out with minimal effort.Overall I like my printer.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


machine does it all (copy, print, scan, fax and photos too)


Every time I have used this machine it has lived up to my expectations. machine does it all (copy, print, scan, fax and photos too) Features; top loading sheet stack feeder, back manal sheet feeder,paper cassette, two page copying, front display panel, card reader, USB slot, phone line slots, individual inks, etc. It operates with or without a computer, this is a feature that i really liked. I have used this printer for over a year and have not had any problems with it, and i've printed on a variety of papers like brown bags, card stock, manilla envelopes, etc.  

Kodiak, AK


Canon PIXMA Office All-In-One Printer MP830

4.2 6