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Canon - Ixy L3 Digital Camera

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Smaller than any handy, and powerful like Canon


Even if this model is more than 5 years old, I still believe this review can be useful for some people who find the chance to get that camera yet. I'm talking about the Canon Ixy Digital L3 (but I guess this review could also be valid for the L4 series, wich may be just even better). As I said, I got it around 5 years ago, but I insists, it's still such a great camera. It's smaller than any handy I've own, it has 5.0 megapixels, what I think it's more than enough for a compact camera. I've print big enough pictures with very good and clear quality. And I think it just has the perfect featuring for a easy-to-go camera, to bring always with you, and for those travellers who love easy, fast and confy shots. It has F3.2 - F5.4 at 38-90mm (35mm equivalent) Canon lenses, wich can be also used with macro. It also offers a 2.4X optical zoom and a 4X digital zoom, wich is quite useful and fun. There're different automatic programs for differents situations, all of them seem to work quite well in my opinion, and you can also work a little bit with manual mode, as far as a compact camera allows this. I almost forgot to say it also has video and audio recording, both with very satisfying results, as long there's no wind or too much noise around. So, in the end, my opinion is that, still an oldie, but if you have the chance to get any Ixy model, L3 or L4, second hand, or specially cheap because of there're no brand new anymore, get it. It's a really good compact model and I still keep using it, as far as it had no technic issue and the pictures quality is still very good.

Kansas City, MO


Canon - Ixy L3 Digital Camera

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