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Canon - HG-10 Camcorder

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Good optics


This new hard disk drive camcorder from Canon is beautiful! It's very compact in size and it's even equipped with a 40GB Hard drive. It's capable of recording upto 15 hours of High-Definition video!The lense on this beauty is a crisp canon 10x zoom that captures imagery at a crystal-clear 1920 x 1080 resolution on a full HD CMOS sensor.The HG10 also has a miniSD card slot, allowing you to take still photos at 3.1-megapixel resolution. Its photo grab function will also grab a 2-megapixel still from your video footage. The Auto-focus speed is fast and accurate, and is equipped with a 24p Cinema Mode to give the same look and feel as film! Menu controls are very easy to understand and navigate. All your footage can be viewed on it's bright 2.7 inch color widescreen LCD. Some camcorders bypass a viewfinder in favor of the screen, but this includes both. The screen is more versatile than the eyepiece and pivots to allow vision from many directions and angles. But keep in mind that the longer the screen on a camcorder, the Higher the price!! It also has a HDMI terminal that will let you plug the camcorder directly into your HDTV and screen your footage for everyone to enjoy. Also, this hard-drive camcorder offers the ease and convenience of nothing to load, nothing to eject and nothing to finalize.

Jersey City, NJ


Great Camcorder, Size Is perfect, Easy to Use, Super Picture


I bought his camcorder about 2 weeks ago to video my daughters Christmas Program.  The camcorder has a good feel, worked great in mid to low lighting, and was super easy to use.  The hard drive has plenty of space...over 5 hours on the highest quality setting....nice not to have to carry tapes around.  The supplied battery only lasts a little over an hour....but that is not too substandard.  That was plenty enough time for her I was able to find additional batteries on the web at really cheap prices.  I really don't have any negatives about the camera yet (althought it's a little pricey).  Shop around and find your best deal and I think you'll be pleased with it. Haven't tried manipulating the AVCHD stored images yet....but will update the review once I have.

Inman, SC


Great value


The HG10 is awsome for the price, The quality, size, and ease of use is simply fantastic. Videos are HD quality that can be adjusted if you are planning to film before dumping the file from the harddrive onto another storage device. Buy another battery to ensure you don't run out of power while out filming.

Westminster, CA


Canon - HG-10 Camcorder

4.7 3