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Canon - Elura 50 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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very good

Algeria. Beer Al Khadem

The perfect handheld camera. Small and easy to operate.


This little camera is the perfect camera for those active parents who have children. As your children grow older the doing such amazing things, and what better way to remember those than by recording everyone of them. From crawling to first steps, t-ball, baseball, softball, peewee football to high school football, band concerts, marching band fests, parades, and any other school functions they may do during every phase of school. I forgot to put in that other favorite which I wish I would of had this camera for and that would be their first day of school, to capture their expressions and feelings on the important first day. Now i am better prepared as I wait to have 4 of my children finish their high school days and 1 start and finish her college career to becoming an adult the grandparent stage where I can capture all those moments and more that I have already mentioned.

Vassar, MI


I have been extremely happy with this camcorder!


I research everything soooooo much before I buy.  I look at Consumer Reports and every on and off line service that I can.  I always love a product that is easy to use because I am not a technical person.  I want all the features and that is what this camcorder gives me.  I read nothing but good things about it and the brand has always been very reliable for me.  When I got it home, I was able to set it up and use it with all the features I wanted with no problem at all.

Fredonia, NY


canon is the best product for your money


 If you are looking to buy this product for your self or a loved one you can not go wrong with this gem.Christmas is almost here and I know what your thinking its to small ,but for a small cam with a small price every one on your list would be so happy with your choice of gift,and just think of all the memroies that will be saved all year long

Chicago, IL


My Digital Camcorder has great memories you can look back on.


**Canon - Elura 50 Mini DV Digital Camcorder** This item has been very useful in my lifetime. I have a family of 5 and there is always times to use the digital camcorder. It is great to look back on all the good memories of when my kids were once babies. They grow up so fast and without my camcorder I would not remember half of the events that we once did. It is also a great item because you can take snapshots as well as video. I love my digital camcorder and I would purchase another one just like it. It is easy to carry around because it is small and that is another reason I love it. I would recommend this item to anyone. I give it a 5 star rating!

McAlester, OK


Not bad for the price


Strengths: Size is very small, shutter speed is fast, cutom modes are perfect, love the looks, love the locations of the buttons, MiniDV, both Firewire and USB cable ports. Supports both Mac and Windows.Weaknesses: tight accessories (no bag, etc.), low res imagesSummary: I want to tell you guys that this camcorder is perfect for people who crave small camcorders yet they are on a budget. This camcorder has a lot of modes to choose from. The shutter speed is fast. The general key locations are right at your finger tips. Though some people complain that the motor sound can be heard, but I couldn't hear it in movies that I took. I even tryed recording movies in the SD Media card and tryed to take a MiniDV cassette. Nothing was heard.The only thing I was disappointed was the lack of accessories included with Elura 50. The images were low res. (But still good for web view only.) Also, there is no light coming from the camcorder so, I had to buy an external camcorder mountable light source. Except that, I think this is a great camcorder. Also liked the fact that they provided both USB (for images) and Firwire port (for videos). I also liked the fact that they provided cables for TV and VCR.

Houston, TX


Canon - Elura 50 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

4.7 6