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Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera

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I love my Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera!


I am currently taking a photography class for which I needed a film camera. I got a Canon AE-1 35mm film camera from a friend and I absolutely fell in love with it. So much in fact, that I went and purchased my own. This camera is very beginner friendly. It is easy to load and rewind film in this camera. It has the basic film camera shutter speeds and apature settings, too. The camera works very well and the meter is very accurate. Additionally, it's size makes it easy to brace, giving you nice, steady, in focus pictures! This camera was relatively inexpensive in comparison to other film cameras and it works well, making it a great value for your money. I only have two problems with the camera. One, the lever by the shutter speed controls will randomly stop. Two, the battery runs out quickly. The good news is, that these two problems are related. Replace the battery and the lever works great. This film camera works great!

Bloomington, IN


Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera

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